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Application Management Services

Our AMS Will Let You to Focus on Your Core Business!
Application Management Services (AMS) is our offering to help you better manage SAP applications. Some benefits you can enjoy from this service:

  • Allows you to focus on your core business and competencies
  • Allows you to benefit from our experiences with varied group of projects and engagements
  • Allows for the reduction the "Total Cost of Ownership" through a process that allows for continued process improvements that leverage people, technology, and quality measurements
  • Provides improved responsiveness to your need through the management of service level agreements
  • Lowers the risk of advanced initiatives execution through experienced resources and the use of a defined, consistent and repeatable process

Our AMS is a spectrum from full outsourcing where we are running your SAP maintenance and support activities to a simple lightweight ticketing system where our customers buy a number of Service Request Tickets.

Full Outsourcing
One or more dedicated consultants will be running the application management on your premises

To name a few, the ultimate objectives are:

  • Running the customer’s helpdesk activities
  • Coaching and developing SAP skills of the customer’s key users, end users, and IT people
  • Making sure SAP  supports your day-to-day business operations, data analysis needs as well as maximizing the value of the advanced functionalities.

The typical tasks are

  • Answering user questions
  • Helping to do fix and fit
  • Develop new forms and reports
  • Performing day-to-day system administration activities
  • Training or workshop SAP keyusers / users
  • etc. as agreed between the customer and us

Service Request Ticket (SRT)
This is our service given to our customer for getting an extended and advance maintenance services at one time to be used or dispensed in 1 year. The utilization of SRTs is based on request to be fulfilled according to an agreed time.

The benefits of purchasing this package are:

  • Soltius’ commitment to service deployment time
  • Eliminate administration hassles for buying extra services

SRT packages
Get more discounts for more tickets you buy.



Continuous Improvement ... Continuous Learning

Project closed does not mean you stop the learning process. Soltius and the SAP ecosystem will always equip you with never ending learning materials. 

Learning is not a spoon feeding process. You need to search and seek by yourself. The learning material is everywhere.