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SAP Partner Quality Program

Soltius Indonesia is closely aligned to the key principles of quality that SAP believes to be fundamental to the success of every implementation, designed to deliver high-quality software and support while providing the right processes, tools and services to drive successful projects and delivery.

There are 10 quality criteria assessed during certification, whice are aligned with SAP 10 Quality Principles.

  1. Project management methodology and quality plan
  2. Risk management approach
  3. Scope management approach
  4. The use of standard functionalities and best practices
  5. Ensure timely delivery and effective tracking
  6. Organizational change management for business transformation
  7. Upskill program for consultants
  8. Cooperation with stakeholders and use proper governance model
  9. Track customer satisfaction and promote project success
  10. Additional quality activities

“This accreditation is a credit to our team and our commitment to providing customers with a clear view of SAP’s ability to influence the success of its program,” Andreas Suryadi Gunadi, Soltius Delivery division manager. “By using SAP quality principles, we can help ensure that our customers achieve smooth implementations as we anticipate benefits as measured against business requirements. This accreditation reaffirms the work we do to enable effective implementation of business processes using SAP solutions and to fulfill requirements to the highest standard.”

The annual partner quality plan and quarterly quality reviews form the basis for the global partner quality program by providing a way to monitor joint performance and measure success. Partners are required to submit an annual quality plan to showcase how they will improve quality in their own organization during the year. In addition, the quarterly quality review enables joint risk monitoring via open bilateral communication as well as identifying and preventing issues.

Business Benefit to Customers

Businesses today are continually challenged to manage risk in increasingly complex projects. As a certified member of the partner quality program, Soltius Indonesia will be able to help SAP customers avoid escalations, maintain profits, reduce profit dilution and improve successful delivery through the program lifecycle. In addition, the program offers a quality approach for sales processes and delivery methodologies through access to enhanced SAP channel quality templates and processes. With a distinct focus on quality deliverables, the accreditation also helps partners improve the success of bids by providing a sales differentiator from other partners through quality wording and information as well as risk mitigation activities


Continuous Improvement ... Continuous Learning

Project closed does not mean you stop the learning process. Soltius and the SAP ecosystem will always equip you with never ending learning materials. 

Learning is not a spoon feeding process. You need to search and seek by yourself. The learning material is everywhere.