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The only Certified AMC and AMS Partner in Indonesia

PCoE Certification - Certifcation Partner for Annual Maintenance Service VAR

A Partner Center of Expertise (PCoE) is a certified support center run by a VAR partner that provides VAR-delivered support to their end customers. Such a center will conform to standards set by SAP regarding the certification of individual support consultants, technical infrastructure necessary to provide support for SAP software, as well as the business processes and deliverables which ensure a high quality of support.

Soltius Indonesia is one of SAP partners who certified for PCOE to deliver support to their indirect end customers. The support includes 1st and 2nd level support and Proactive support with SAP Enterprise Support includes requesting technical quality checks for their end customers.

To get the certification, Soltius has to do some steps such as standard requirements preparation, register to SAP, checklist assessment, PCOE readiness audit, PCOE validity check and finally get the certification.

Herewith some of PCOE requirements that Soltius has to fulfill :

  • SAP Solution Manager
  • Incident management system
  • Test system
  • Support hotline
  • Remote connectivity
  • Qualified support staff
  • Support process
  • Etc

Every 2 years Soltius has to follow PCOE renewal certification. After that, to analyze consistency of PCOE compliance/perfomance,  SAP and SOLTIUS has a quaterly review meeting to follow up action items during the audit process. 

Why SAP AMS Certification?

Application Management Services Certfication is a standard review conducted by SAP Global every two (2) years period in order to keep outsourcing Partner’s qualities to be consistently on board and maintained. SAP Global itself who has reviewed our operating procedures and agreed that our Operating procedures has met SAP Outsourcing Partner’s Criterias and counts among other Global SAP Partners all over the globe. The result for this year is SOLTIUS  named as the only outsourcing partners in Indonesia for SAP AMS and even among South East Asian Countries.


Customer Benefits from Certified SAP Partner

And, what’s the point of the Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE) status? Very few partners adhere to the high standards demanded by SAP to provide both the Annual and Managed Service Support. A 2-3 month audit process is undertaken by SAP, which involves checking the help desk procedure, technical certifications and skills of all staff, documentation levels, terms/conditions etc. Choosing a partner with PCoE status, especially a Gold partner, ensures you are working with one of SAP’s most elite partners, qualified in every aspect of consultancy, support and training, thus providing the ultimate peace of mind that you will get the very best value from your SAP investment.


Continuous Improvement ... Continuous Learning

Project closed does not mean you stop the learning process. Soltius and the SAP ecosystem will always equip you with never ending learning materials. 

Learning is not a spoon feeding process. You need to search and seek by yourself. The learning material is everywhere.