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Project Management

Soltius has delivered more SAP projects in Indonesia than any other SAP partners. We have learned a lot from those massive number of projects, maturing our capabilities in managing a wide range of complexities, gaining more confidence from our customers to manage bigger projects.

We understand that the key elements of managing projects successfully are in the mind and skill of our people. We realize that this is not enough. It is important for us to transform that individual capability into an organization capability. In the last couple of years we have done several initiatives to achieve this critical objective.

This year we established Project Management Office led by a manager to maintain and continuously improve our Project Management practice

Project Management and Change Management
Managing business system implementation project, basically is managing a change project. This is an undebatable fact. The bigger the project, the change management dimension will be more complex. The best is to have a change management specialist to help you managing the change journey: from top level to the end users, from the willingness to enablement, from leading and sponsoring the change to benefit realization.

In a smaller project we embed the change management principles in the project management activities. Basically it is to develop the awareness, the ownership, the willingness to change, the enablement, and to show the benefit of having the new system from the earliest stage of a project.

  1. In the blueprint stage, we involve the key users to own the to-be process through intensive discussion, by showing the system when we explain the to be-process, and to ask key users presenting the blueprint workshop. Here, we applied enablement principle: giving presentation is a better learning than listening.
  2. We do work-site visit to help us understand the operational challenges in they are facing day to day. This will help us giving a system solution which is more practical, effective, and accurate.
  3. We deliver hand-on training and testing. By we engage the users to have real interaction with system.
  4. Utilizing youtube, standard manual, and other learning sources, we encourage the end users to for an independent learning process. We are planning to develop our own movie manual to support this independent learning concept.

Smart Project Management
Other than the typical project management practices we usually get from “school”, we enhance our project management principles with more practical points. Some of them we want to share it with you.

  1. Understand the culture because this is critical for us to manage the communication and decision making process.
  2. To be successful, both sides need to work as a team
  3. Log of Issues are managed in written and shared regularly
  4. Manage the to-be process not by process area but from business scenarios perspective. We use this business scenario perspective from blueprint to training, user acceptance test to data transactions monitoring after go-live. This is to ensure both system and user readiness.
  5. Provide individual user evaluation to define mitigation strategy if there is any skill gap
  6. From the first day we do the day-today project activities we draw a scenario about how to end the project with our customer having a confident to manage the new system by themselves.
  7. Always remind our customer that project closing is not the end of our collaboration.

Continuous Improvement ... Continuous Learning

Project closed does not mean you stop the learning process. Soltius and the SAP ecosystem will always equip you with never ending learning materials. 

Learning is not a spoon feeding process. You need to search and seek by yourself. The learning material is everywhere.