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Industry Overview


Global mining industry trends are going upward for the last couple of years. There is always a chance of market fall, as mining industry is volatile in nature. Over the years of use, the mineral resources are going to be depleted and above all due to tight environmental regulations and policies, the operating cost of production is also rising.

On these recent years, the Mining industries are going strong as global demand for mining products and support services continue to climb. Prices for these commodities are predicted to rise with the demand increase.

The mining companies throughout the world are trying to restructure their companies with the expectation of more capital earning and prospect of mining industry. They are also adopting and taking help of modern technologies for enhancing the status of this industry. As a result of these activities, mining industry trends are going toward the acquisitions, strategic alliances and joint venture programs and eventually a large number of merging incidence is occurring all over the world.


The mining industry faces a confidence crisis. Low confidence in cost controls, return on capital and commodity prices are keeping industry leaders awake at night. To add to these concerns, the mining industry has recently stopped outperforming the broader equity markets.

In response, miners are trying to rebuild the market’s confidence. Capital expenditures have been scaled back, hurdle rates are being increased and non-core assets are being disposed. There’s a shift from maximizing value by increasing production volumes to maximising returns from existing operations from improved productivity and efficiencies.

Regaining investor confidence depends on how the industry responds to its rising costs, increasingly volatile commodity prices and other challenges such as resource nationalism. Now is the time to show that the industry can deliver in good times and bad, and remain a good industry to operate in for many years to come.

Key Solutions

It is a mandatory for mining industry to integrate applications landscape for seamless information flow. That will bring you to:

  • Align production and maintenance processes
  • Address key industry challenges such as commodity price volatility, operational efficiency, and the environment.
  • Better manage commodity sales, purchasing, and transportation
  • Gain clear visibility into commodity risk – and manage it effectively
  • Proactively manage operational safety, risk, and compliance
  • Drive efficiencies through analytics, mobility, and in-memory technology

Mining Operations and Asset Performance

Mining Operations and Asset Performance

SAP Mining will help you to boost profits with better asset performance and utilization, optimization of mining and downstream processing operations – for higher mineral throughput and lower costs, improve production, asset performance, and compliance.

  • Efficiently manage capital and operational projects – limiting time and cost overruns
  • Gain greater control over production operations in mines, crushers, and downstream processing plants
  • Facilitate collaboration between production, maintenance, and repair operations
  • Maximize visibility into mine equipment performance and condition

Operational Risk and Compliance

Operational Risk and Compliance

SAP Mining increases mine safety through smarter operational risk and compliance management.

  • Better manage effluents and emissions, along with your own energy consumption.
  • Assess and manage operational risks involving people, assets, and locations
  • Monitor energy consumption and take corrective action to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Improve hazardous substances handling for materials such as explosives and reagents



SAP Mining improves all aspects of your organization's financial health – from smarter accounting to a faster period-end close – with our financial management solutions.

  • Boost financial results and return on capital employed (ROCE)
  • Reduce the cost and effort of compliance
  • Predict and effectively mitigate financial risk
  • Optimize cash and liquidity management
  • Deliver superior financial reporting
  • Reduce the cost of finance as a percentage of your revenue



SAP Mining supports the complete source-to-pay process and drive sustainable cost savings – with our on-premise and cloud-based software solutions for procurement.

  • Quickly and easily find new suppliers through the cloud-based Ariba Network
  • Identify and act on strategic sourcing opportunities
  • Realize savings with solutions for procurement and order collaboration
  • Automate invoicing and exception management with invoice-to-pay software
  • Manage commodity purchasing and risk with the latest commodity management tools

IT Management

IT Management

SAP helps you to transform your IT department into a strategic business partner, better evaluate and control risk, and improve flexibility – with our IT management solutions.

  • Accelerate IT delivery cycles and facilitate business innovation
  • Design and adapt processes to meet your unique business needs
  • Improve the ratio of IT budget to company revenue
  • Reduce the cost of system maintenance, upgrades, and operation
  • Detect, assess, and effectively mitigate risks – faster


Adoption of modern technologies is the key to enhance the status of this industry. The first step is to have an integrated solution like ERP solution package that specifically designed for mining industry.

Industry Highlights

Our 15+ year experience provides priceless experience working with various industries. This collection of knowledge, we return it to our existing and our future customers as a solid and powerful industry solution.
Our industry solution, delivered by our experienced consultants will help our customers to quickly address their business needs. It is a constellation of knowledge, preconfigured solution and the use of a state of the art technology solution.