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An Integrated Omnichannel Solution






Is your omnichannel strategy 

working for your customers?

1.000++ retailers in 46 countries are already using iVend Retail to give customers a consistent

brand experience, and achieve higher full price sales with existing inventory levels.


iVend Retail Management Suite


iVend Retail is designed to meet the needs of omnichannel shoppers, consists of 7 modules, which can be configured alongside SAP Business One.

iVend Retail is an omnichannnel retail management solution from CitiXsys enabled by Soltius, empowering retailers to better manage their enterprise operations. As an end-to-end suite of retail applications, iVend Retail covers everything from POS to back office to head office operations. An iVend Retail setup can range a single store to geography-spanning multi store environment with complete integration of day-to-day store operations. iVend Retail automates entire processes, virtually eliminating paperwork.

Business Benefits

iVend Retail's integrated solution enables retailers to maximize their sales and margin potential by delivering a seamless shopping experience across all channels. With iVend Retail, it is possible to develop a true omnichannel strategy that recognizes and rewards shoppers wherever they interact.  

  • Integrate online and offline shopping, allowing customers to research, buy and if necessary-return goods anywhere
  • Sell more inventory at full price, increasing margin and reducing clearance markdowns
  • Create multichannel loyalty programs that incentivize customers equally, wherever they shop
  • Increase the product knowledge, recommendations and guidance available to store associates ‚Äč

SAP Retail Solutions

Retail Without Boundaries with SAP Solutions


SAP Retail Solutions enable retailers to:

Develop the Right Assortments

  • Manage a global business network to source, buy, or manufacture their products as efficiently as possible
  • Balancing supply and inventory to meet dynamic demand at optimum cost

Deliver Excellent Services
Develop targeted promotions and pricing strategies that give a high return on investment, while lowering inventory costs

Offer New Shopping Experiences

  • Increase brand awareness, improve interaction, and transform the way you engage with customers.
  • Understand customers needs, anticipate their demands, and deliver an inspiring shopping experience in any channel.

Changing Business Environments
In today high-pressure environment, organizations, including retailers,  must rely on best practices that help them achieve excellence and drive business results. They need to view the rightinformation, whether it’s big picture, exacting detail, or somewhere in between.

With increasing customer-generated data available from social media platforms, retail systems must be able to make sense of this data and deliver meaningful retailers can leverage insights from Big Data analyticsto differentiate their brands with compellingassortments and personalize the shopping experience regardless of channel.

This is also the age of business and social networks. Retailers are no longer centrally organized and self-reliant. They rely on value-chain partners and people across company boundaries. People are collaborating at amazing speeds by using digital environments Consumers are connected to each other. They can compare and discover more easily.

Enterprise Mobility enables retailers to connect, inform, and engage with customers throughout their path to purchase anytime, anywhere. Simultaneously empower marketing and operations and executive teams through convenient real-time business visibility. Mobility provides access to SAP for Retail solutions from anywhere and at any time.

SOLTIUS understands that business-oriented IT management is about supporting current and new business models and processes while maximizing efficiency and responsiveness by running IT like a business. SAP offers an integrated portfolio of solutions to do just that.

SAP Business One and iVend Retail for Retail Business

Integrated System for Effective Retail Management

A retail organization can be a small chain of retail stores in the neighborhood or may include an organization having presence around the globe as a network of thousands of stores. Management of such a distributed retail chain is a Herculean task indeed. An integrated retail management solution benefits the retailers in better management of their enterprise wide operations spanning the entire globe.

A special Retail System for an Integrated Retail Management Solution with a robust back-end and in conjunction with an enterprise application works together hand in hand to ease up the challenging processes of retail management and offers a one stop solution.

An integrated platform equips the retailers to manage their businesses in an effective and efficient manner by providing cohesive, consistent and relevant information. It makes the task of keeping track of all the transactions much easier. An integrated retail solution allows automatic recording of the transactions in real-time environment. They have become indispensable tools to survive and increase profitability not only for the Mid Market Retailer but also for a large multinational retail organization. The major competitive benefits of using an Integrated Retail Management System in the modern day retail include:

  • Intuitive Interface – The Integrated Retail Management System extends an Intuitive Interface to the users that make it very easy to interact with the software suite. This enhances the adaptability of the enterprise application and is critical to make the Integrated Retail Management System popular with the non-technical users.
  • Accurate deployment & utilization of the resources – An Integrated Retail Management System allows an organization to utilize its resources in an optimum manner. This optimization raises efficiency in system subsequently translating it into reduced costs and correspondingly higher profits.
  • Reduction in the overhead and Inventory – An Integrated Retail Management System allows the organization to considerably reduce the overhead and excess inventory thereby reducing the excessive costs to the company.
  • Availability to promise – An Integrated Retail Management System allows the organizations to commit timely deliveries & respond to any challenges or constraints in inventory management and thereby extend timely response to any customer demands.
  • Bringing mobility in retail – An Integrated Retail Management System offers integration of the various Information Systems (IS) that is integration with RF devices and mobiles. The new age retail is more mobile & agile with the new solutions that integrate Point Of Sale, warehouse & Head Office directly to the client in all possible ways.
  • Easy scalability and adaptability – An Integrated Retail Management System offers easy scalability options as per the size and scope of an organization and is adaptable to the future growth. In addition it also allows integration with the different technologies as well as the legacy systems running at the business associates or partners' end.

Thousands of stores in over 45 countries are running iVend Retail from CitiXSys Technologies and are more profitable and efficient. CitiXSys Technologies has strong focus on Retail, Warehouse, and Inventory management and offers innovative software solutions to its customers globally.

Enhancing modern retail industry experience, iVend Retail is a fully integrated, comprehensive Retail management solution to manage Head office and In-store processes. iVend Loyalty, iVendeCommerce, iVend Mobile and iVend Analytics are a few integrated modules making iVend Retail Suite the right choice for modern retailers of any size.


SAP Business One and iVend Retail Solution

iVend Retail is seamlessly integrated into SAP Business One. Transactions capture from POS is then integrated into a powerful ERP such as SAP Business One creating an ecosystem that optimizing the entire retail process, add value to customer’s shopping experience and maximizing returns to the retailer’s investment.

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