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Analytics Solutions from SAP
Unleash the Power of Collective Insight- Engage, Visualize, and Predict

Big data, people, machines, and processes are interlinked in an internet of everything.
Connecting those to the the work we do every day, will unleash immense value.
It enables us to quickly discover what is happening and then act with the power of collective insight.
Analytics solutions from SAP uniquely enable real-time collective insight giving you the power to engage with all your data, on any device, and across any platform.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence to boost your organization's IQ

Business intelligence (BI) is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing, and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions.

  • Query and reporting
  • Online analytical processing (OLAP)
  • Statistical analysis
  • Forecasting
  • Data mining

Business intelligence applications can be:

  • Mission-critical and integral to an enterprise's operations or occasional to meet a special requirement
  • Enterprise-wide or local to one division, department
  • Centrally initiated or driven by user demand

Business Intelligence vs. Business Analytics
While the terms business intelligence and business analytics are often used interchangeably, there are some key differences:

SAP Business Objects BI Platform
SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform is SAP’s flexible BI platform. It is the portal of all reports and dashboards.
The portal provides you with:

  • Intuitive, self-service access to business information
  • Reliable and real-time business data for making comprehensive and rapid decisions
  • Optimum visibility into the performance of your business network
  • Simple deployment and optimum use of IT infrastructure and resources

SAP BI Platform.pdf - Download Here

The reporting section of SAP BI drives fast and informed shortand longterm decision making and deliver insights that are meaningful, actionable, and of real value to employees, customers, and partners.
SAP Business Intelligence comes with 2 reporting tools

1. SAP Crystal Reports
SAP Crystal Reports helps you to gain a clear picture of your business.
It assists you to:

  • Quickly create highly formatted, pixel-perfect reports
  • Connect to data sources across your organization – directly or through a common semantic layer
  • Deliver operational reporting that can help you make day-to-day business decisions
  • Give personalized reports to users in their preferred language, format, and delivery method

Ignite Your Creative Ideas with Fast and Engaging Data Discovery.pdf - Download Here
Increase Your Business Agility.pdf - Download Here

2. SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
Web Intelligence software helps you to get instant answers to your business questions and take action on the fly – with fast, decision-ready insights from any data source.

  • Deliver personalized business intelligence to your colleagues, customers, and partners
  • Improve productivity by giving users an intuitive tool and clearing IT backlogs
  • Improve ad hoc reporting and analysis across any data source with a reusable framework
  • Access, analyze, format, and share your insights with a single tool

Self Service Reporting
SAP BI also provides self-service, user managed reporting tools. The self-service reporting tools empower your business users with easy, self-service access to data discovery functionality – for instant answers to pressing business questions.

1. SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira helps to you to tap into your data – big and small – and discover answers to your business questions without IT's help. SAP Lumira drag and drop interface and engaging visualizations allow you to quickly analyze data for rapid time to insight and business agility – no scripting required.

  • Deliver faster time to insight in a repeatable, self-service way to ad hoc reporting tools and intuitive analytics – on the Web, desktop, or mobile device.
  • Maximize business knowledge with a combination of big picture insights and granular details
  • Accelerate decision making with immediate, fact-based answers to complex business questions
  • Visualize any amount of data in real time – with SAP HANA

Ignite Your Creative Ideas with Fast and Engaging Data Discovery.pdf - Download Here
Increase Your Business Agility.pdf - Download Here

2.  SAP Business Objects Explorer
SAP BusinessObjects Explorer helps you to search and explore your business data – anytime, anywhere. It provides immediate answers to your pressing business questions.

  • Combine the simplicity and speed of Internet search with the analytical power of business intelligence
  • Give all of your users the autonomy to search and discover the information they need
  • Get the big picture and drill down to the details to make the right decisions
  • Uncover connections and trends – anytime, anywhere
  • Self-service data exploration with stunning visualizations, and easily share insights across your organization.
  • Improve business decisions with richer information context

3. SAP Business Objects Analysis, Edition for OLAP
Perform analysis of multidimensional data sources in an intuitive web-based environment so you can quickly answer complex business questions.

  • Uncover deep business insights without the help of a database administrator
  • Share business insights with peers in a fixed or interactive web format
  • Run multidimensional analytics on one common business intelligence platform
  • Improve user adoption while optimizing your return on your IT investment

Get instant access to clear, understandable metrics, so you can see your key performance indicators at glance and know what's driving your business.

  • Enable streaming real-time data for better decision making
  • Create dashboards from many data sources and publish them in user friendly outputs
  • Deploy and push adoption faster with intuitive visualizations and templates

Accelerate BI Adoption with Interactive Mobile Dashboard.pdf - Download Here
Everything is Better on ICE at Fedex.pdf - Download Here
Inventory Forecasting at NVidia.pdf - Download Here

Mobile BI
Empower everyone in your organization to know in the moment, take action, and deliver results from anywhere with business intelligence solutions delivered to your mobile device.

  • Access your essential business intelligence reports on the go
  • View insights through graphs, charts, and tables on a mobile device
  • Run better with personalized reports, dashboards, analytics, and key metrics

Enterprise Performance Management

The Key to a Better Top and Bottom Line

SAP EPM solutions will help you use real-time analytics to improve financial analysis and forecasting, boost performance across your enterprise, understand the true cost of doing business, improve financial planning and analysis and accelerate the financial close to disclose and comply with regulations – faster, with fewer errors, and at lower cost.

In 2013, for the seventh consecutive year, SAP has been positioned in the Leaders Quadrant of the Gartner Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Magic Quadrant. SAP was recognized for its completeness of vision and ability to execute.

SAP Planning and Consolidation
With SAP Planning and Consolidation, everything you need to meet your bottom-up and top-down financial and operational planning requirements, as well as complete consolidation and reporting is available through a single application and user interface. You can benefit from:

  • Improved decision making - Supports any budgeting and planning need across the entire company, enabling a greater understanding of the how internal and external forces can affect plans and enabling early corrective action.
  • Reduced cycle time - Finance and line-of-business managers can collaborate in a unified landscape, streamlining the process of creating and approving plans and budgets.
  • Minimized need for IT - Providing an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use solution, it minimizes the need for IT helps in the budgeting process.
  • Increased user productivity - An intuitive interface and familiar office tools help users make the most of their time.

SAP Disclosure Management
SAP Disclosure Management is a key part of SAP's end-to-end solution for financial close - from source transaction to digital disclosure. The application can empower organizations to:

  • Accelerate the financial close while lowering the cost of compliance
  • Unite complex financial processes in a single framework
  • Provide financial professionals a visual, intuitive way to manage financial statement production
  • Meet the new demands of XBRL publishing and IFRS, CAS (and other standards) compliance
  • Leverage multiple output options for financial statement and other regulatory report filing and publication
  • Integrate with EPM solutions (SAP Planning and Consolidation, Edge edition) and SAP ERP/SAP Business All-In-One Financials

SAP Strategy Management
SAP Strategy Management gives businesses agility, and that means that everyone - from executives to front-line workers - can execute on changing strategies based on the changing environment.
Achieving short, medium and long-term objectives:

  • Goals - Goal-setting must involve a variety of stakeholders (top down and bottom up), be interactive, be updated frequently, and tie explicitly to organizational operations and initiatives.
  • Initiatives - Employees need better insight into the strategic relevance of projects so that they can make informed choices about which projects should take precedence over others.
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) - Organizations need metrics that everyone trusts, complete with drill-down functions and the ability to create personalized, reconfigurable views that are relevant to each employee.

SAP Financial Consolidation
SAP financial consolidation software helps customers navigate multiple currencies, mergers and acquisitions, and evolving accounting standards and regulations - such as IFRS, GAAP, and the XBRL electronic filing format.

  • Reduce the time and cost of closing and reporting cycles - without sacrificing controls
  • Make better, faster decisions based on accurate information
  • Ensure compliance with IFRS, XBRL, and GAAP standards
  • Strengthen investor relations by maintaining transparent data
  • Improve flexibility across their business units to adapt to change – faster

SAP Profitability and Cost Management
Improve profitability and cost management by zeroing in on performance issues across products, customers, and channels. Our profitability and cost management software can give customers the power to act decisively - with a clear understanding of how their decisions will impact their bottom line.

  • Identify most profitable customers, channels, and products
  • Run what-if profitability scenarios across multiple dimensions
  • Lower the cost of IT with shared services, and align resources with business demand
  • Get a clear picture of the organization's cost drivers

Outperform Financial Objectives and Enable Regulatory Compliance.pdf - Download Here


Enterprise Information Management

Harness Big Data and Improve Governance

Maximize the business value of your data – both structured and unstructured – across your organization. SAP enterprise information management (EIM) solutions can help you better manage big data, ensure accurate analytics, and improve governance, with timely, consistent, and trustworthy information at every level of your enterprise.

  • Deliver complete and accurate information by managing data of any size from any data source
  • Establish trust in information by cleansing and enriching structured and unstructured data
  • Empower users to own, manage, and govern data definitions, metadata, and data quality rules
  • Govern master data from its creation to delivery –to ensure consistent data across enterprise
  • Unlock the power of unstructured content to support processes and increase efficiency
  • Improve end-to-end content management with data archival and retention functionality

SAP improves its ability to deliver EIM through a strong strategic cooperation with OpenText

The Overview of SAP Enterprise Information Management
Run Better with Complete and Trusted Information

Data Integration
SAP data integration solutions can help you leverage a wide range of data delivery options to integrate, replicate, or migrate data from various data sources – for one, consolidated view of your information. It gives your business users a faster way to access information locked in your enterprise applications.

  • Manage the increasing volumes and varieties of data and applications
  • Minimize application silos to drive greater collaboration across teams
  • Reduce the time users spend on locating data and assessing its quality
  • Free IT staff from system integration tasks and encourage innovation

Data Quality Management
Trustworthy, accurate, and complete data is the oil that lubricates your business’ engine. Without it, business processes stall, applications misfire, andnormally good decision makers lose their way.
Do you think bad data’s not that big of a problem at your company? You may be right. But missing information, lack of consistency, and incorrect values might also be subtly masking your organization’s true potential by choking efficiency and agility, opening the doorto unnecessary risks and costs, and compromising decisions big and small.
SAP data quality management solutions can help you analyze data levels over time and track trends in quality – improving reliability and freeing your staff to apply their expertise to initiatives that have greater strategic value.

  • Empower users to govern data and define data standards
  • Extend data views to analyze structured and unstructured text data sources
  • Provide instant traceability with impact analysis and data lineage capabilities
  • Use dashboards to monitor and trend how well data adheres to governance rules and standard

What is Dirty Data Costing You.pdf Download Here

Master Data Management
SAP master data management (MDM) solutions address both enterprise-wide and business process-centric scenarios – and can help you improve efficiency, decision making, and governance with a single, accurate version of the truth.

  • Facilitate engineering and procurement processes with centrally defined and managed material master data
  • Increase e- commerce sales with accurate product catalogs
  • Enhance marketing and sales operations with complete and accurate customer information
  • Improve quarterly reports by ensuring the quality of financial master data from creation to delivery
  • Comply with global data synchronization (GDS) initiatives by standardizing supply chain data with trading partners
  • Optimize supplier spend reporting with an accurate view of material and supplier master data

Master Data Governance Empowering Business users to Make Material Data Demo
Merck Revitalizing Master Data Management.pdf
Next Generation Master Data Management.pdf

Content Management
SAP and OpenText have combined their strengths in a strategic partnership of codevelopment and cooperation to provide a bold solution for enterprise content management. The enterprise content management (ECM) solutions enable you to systematically manage your content and make it simple to find, govern, use and share while connecting it to your organization’s processes. It enables business users who are more digitally oriented, resource conscious, regulation-bound and risk-aware to be more productive than ever before.

  • Enhance collaboration and increase compliance with workspaces that enable team members to work together, efficiently
  • Mitigate legal and regulatory risk by classifying and storing content in an orderly manner and making it accessible for compliance purposes
  • Provide people with relevant content to enhance decision making at an enterprise level
  • Constrain the growth of content repositories and minimize IT complexity with a rationalized approach to content management
  • Featured Case - Sysco Enhancing Self Service

Information Life Cycle Management
SAP information lifecycle management (ILM) software can help you better manage information as a record associated with a business process – from its creation to its final disposition. It defines data retention periods, manage data storage and access, and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory mandates.

  • Manage data retention from decommissioned systems while preserving full auditing capabilities using SAP Information Life Cycle Management
  • Archive data and documents on secure, cost-effective servers while ensuring their availability. SAP document access and archiving software by OpenText can help keep your data and documents access-ready – maximizing productivity and efficiency for a low TCO.OpenText stores, archives, and retrieves all types of documents – spreadsheets or e-mails, structured or unstructured, SAP or third-party – used in SAP processes and applications.
    • Capture all documents on a centralized, low-cost server for secure, affordable storage
    • Retrieve documents quickly with an intuitive, customizable, folder-based interface
    • Promote cross-departmental collaboration by enabling document sharing across applications
    • Reduce IT resource consumption by safely and quickly moving aged data to an archive server
    • Increase compliance and reduce risk by archiving company-wide data in a secure, unalterable form

Automated Data and Document Archiving.pdf Download Here
Hollistically Manage structured and Unstructured Information.pdf Download Here

Governance Risk and Compliances (GRC)

Protect The Value of Your Customer's Organization

Sharpen your competitive edge with a proactive, unified approach to governance, risk, and compliance. Our GRC solutions can help embed financial and operational controls into your business processes – and automate your GRC programs from risk management to compliance reporting – for better risk prevention, reduced compliance costs, and elevated performance.

  • Automate predefined best practice workflows, assessments, surveys, and signoff
  • Share controls and test results across multiple compliance programs
  • Reduce the cost of compliance, risk, and audit programs
  • Balance opportunities with financial, legal, and operational risk exposure
  • Embed regulatory and corporate policies into global trade processes

SAP Access Control
Confidently manage and reduce access risk across your enterprise. Minimize fraud and lower the cost of access management and ongoing compliance activities.

  • Streamline requests for multiple systems and embed preventative compliance checks
  • Automate reviews of segregation of duties, critical access, and superuser privileges
  • Automatically detect and remediate access risk violationsacross SAP and non-SAP systems
  • Embed compliance checks and mandatory risk mitigation into business processes
  • Empower users with self-service, workflow-driven access requests, and approvals
  • Create a comprehensive audit trail of user and role management activities

Reduce Fraud and Increase Efficiency with Automated Access Controls.pdf - Download Here
Minimize Access Risk and Prevent Fraud with SAP Access Control.pdf - Download Here
SAP Access Control Role Analytics

Global Trade Services
Accelerate your global supply chain and lower the cost of international trade – with automated tools to help you comply with extensive trade regulations.

  • Drive perfect order fulfillment – complete, accurate, on time, and in good condition
  • Better manage supply chain risk, transportation spend, and total landed costs
  • Reduce inventory levels and expedite customs clearance
  • Leverage automated e-filing interfaces for international regulatory requirements
  • Screen global trade partners to determine if they are on sanctioned party list

Rhodia Confident Compliance - Download Here
Global Trade Services

SAP Fraud Management
Detect fraud earlier – and improve prevention – with SAP Fraud Management. Powered by SAP HANA, this software will equip you with:

  • Real-time detection tools to identify and stop fraud as early as possible
  • Powerful calibration and simulation features to increase investigation efficiency
  • Rules and predictive methods to improve fraud scenario analysis and reduce risk
  • Lower the cost and effort of fraud investigation
  • Support multiple fraud scenarios with a flexible platform, for example, claim fraud in insurance, procurement fraud, and anti-corruption
    Resources: Detect, Prevent, and Deter Fraud in Big Data Environments.pdf

SAP Process Control
Continuously monitor key risk indicators and compliance effectiveness across your critical business processes – and drive process efficiency and control.Leverage scalable support of enterprise-wide internal control and compliance programs.

  • Align risk and compliance management processes across multiple programs
  • Automate and predefine workflows, assessments, surveys, and offline forms
  • Streamline processes and effort with automated control tests
  • Proactively manage policies and controls across heterogeneous environments
  • Assess compliance, control and remediation status using comprehensive analytics

Governance Risk Compliance
Ensure Effective Controls and Ongoing Compliance.pdf - Download Here

SAP Risk Management
Maximize risk visibility with comprehensive analytics, balance risk and opportunity – and protect business value by proactively preventing and mitigating risks.

  • Highlight risk exposure and response at all levels of your organization
  • Run intuitive risk assessments – and “what if” simulations and analyses
  • Integrate risk mitigation and prevention with your key business systems
  • Leverage best practices for industries and lines of business with predefined content
  • Automate key risk indicator monitoring within heterogeneous systems

Preserving and Growing Value Through Enterprise Risk Management.pdf - Download Here


Penawaran Terbatas dari SAP Business Objects Lumira untuk Tools Analytics terbaik dan handal

SAP Lumira

from IDR 50,000,000 / Package Try Demo / Training