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Human Capital Management
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Attracting, Developing and Managing The Firm’s Biggest Asset: Our People

There are many big, huge, global companies now giving the same importance to Human Capital Management as to other processes in their business. Why? Because to stay competitive and put yourself at the utmost, we all know that people is the driver of the change towards excellence. High performers recognize that they must align their human capital processes with overall organizational strategy to unlock their full value.

In the market, you are not competing in business only but also competing to get and to retain talented people. Therefore, it becomes mandatory for you to get new ways to attract, develop and engage talented people and to share their expertise, all while staying globally compliant.

SOLTIUS is helping companies adopt a more strategic approach to human resources. Using SAP human capital solution portfolio to deliver complex global transformation and talent management solutions, refocusing your human capital function from transactional and administrative activities to strategic and performance-enhancing programs that deliver the critical capabilities for business success.

SAP’s industry-leading software for human resources (HR) makes it easier for you to simplify processes, maximize the diversity of your workforce, address skills shortages and engage your people like never before.

Besides SAP HCM which is part of SAP ERP, SAP also introduces new products to expand its HCM solutions in talent area such as Success Factor.

SAP ERP Core Human Resources

Getting the Most of Your Most Precious Capital - People

SAP HCM manages all functions from hiring an employee to its final termination in organization. It consist various sub components such as Personnel Management, Organizational Management (OM), Time Management and Payroll. SAP HR/ HCM module is integrated with other modules such as Financial Accounting (FI) and Controlling (CO), Production Planning, Materials Management and so on.

HCM broadly manages the following areas:

  • Automate employee administration, time management, payroll, and legal reporting processes
  • Support compliance with changing global and local HR regulations
  • Understand, evaluate, and measure your workforce's contributions to the bottom line
  • Attract, hire, and empower the right people – and make new hires productive quickly
  • Pinpoint where your talent lies and train and cultivate your workforce
  • Align your employees’ goals with your overall business objectives
  • Employee Self Service and Manager Self Service

Airfreight2100 Achieving Operational Excellence.pdf D- Download Here
Arshiya - Delivering Superior HR Services - Download Here
BPOI Building a Superior Framework to Maximize Customer Value with SAP ERP - Download Here
DFL Tightening Employee Relationships for Fewer Disputes - Download Here


Visualize What Matters Most


Nakisa is a suite of 100% web-based solutions that provide a range of visualization features for both organizational and talent related information. It supports organizations in a number of ways such as helping improve the quality of their HCM data, restructuring their organization, effectively aligning talent goals with business strategy and providing a single consistent view of the enterprise.Nakisa offers specialized Organization Management solutions that integrate with major ERP systems.

SAP Org Visualization by Nakisa


With Nakisa OrgChartTM your entire workforce has a common, detailed picture of your company through an intuitive interface that can be accessed in the office or on the go.
Managers, HR and executive can use the org chart tool to help make decisions about resources, provide a frameork for managing change and communicate operational information across an organization.

  • Gain access to up-to-date, reliable and accurate HCM data in real-time
  • Easily communicate your org chart in an intuitive, comprehensive and adaptable format
  • Help your workforce to understand how they relate to colleagues, departments and your organization structure as a whole
  • Better understand your workforce by enabling Managers to view key HR data such as headcount, age, diversity and compensation
  • Keep up with and visualize organizational changes in an instant.
  • Connect with peers on projects, sync org chart profiles with social profiles and build social circles with SocialLink™
  • Access your org chart at anytime from anywhere with Nakisa® OrgHub™ for Mobile
  • Implement and configure this solution on-premise or in the cloud according to your business needs

Organizational Charting.pdf - Download Here
Nakisa OrgHub for Employees - OrgChart - Quick Demo

Nakisa OrgAuditTM provide a simple and smart way for your organization to take control of critical business data.
The solution provides manager, HR and executive with a clear process and the tools they need to analyze, cleanse and monitor HR data for better business desicion making.

  • Reduce costs and save time by strengthening the quality of your HCM data
  • Consistently make better informed decisions based on reliable and accurate HCM data
  • Improve strategic planning and decision-making with sustainable data quality management and Add value
  • Create clear processes and rules for managing HR data, identifying missing information or data discrepancies that key stakeholders can easily follow
  • Correct data quickly and efficiently using easy-to-follow instructions and smart links
  • Schedule data extractions from SAP to ensure audits are performed on the most current data in your SAP system
  • Get quick access to accurate data for easy reporting, improved efficiency and time saved
  • Compare the process of data quality across departments and groups with data scoring

Organization Audit.pdf - Download Here
Nakisa OrgHub for HR & Executives - OrgAudit - Quick Demo

Nakisa OrgModelerTM helps you to:

  • Get insight into your most current org chart and design potential change processes while analyzing the impact on your organization
  • Collaborate and communicate easily with key stakeholders on a variety of change processes including strategic planning, restructuring, mergers & acquisitions and change management
  • Obtain real-time access to HCM data, which ensures modeled scenarios are based on the most up-to-date information
  • Easily model various org chart scenarios without affecting live data
  • Managers to track team progress and goal performance and ensure performance evaluations are aligned with company goals & objectives

Organization Modeler.pdf - Download Here
Nakisa OrgHub for Managers - OrgModeler - Quick Demo

In times of economic doubt and increased competition, having the leadership necessary to navigate through your business’ challenging conditions proves to be invaluable.This module provides a comprehensive way to visualize the talent you have today, and prepare for talent and skills you will need tomorrow.

  • Easily search for and suggest the best-matched talent to the right role by having the capability to view potential successors and compare candidates
  • Visualize and analyze potential candidates for succession planning against the defined competencies of any given position
  • Keep track of key roles, flight risk and succession options
  • Identify key roles and future leaders with a clear succession plan
  • Measure, track and analyze the potential of future leaders
  • Drag and drop employees within the performance/potential grid to easily calibrate rank and readiness
  • Bring employees from the "exceptions" basket directly into the grid while maintaining all their associated values
  • Easily access real-time information about the existing workforce for a comprehensive snapshot of talent inventory and bench-strength
  • Interactive talent grid, with detailed mouse-over and drag-and-drop functionality, makes it easier to reveal candidates' risk of loss, performance, potential, rank and readiness to fill vital roles
  • Collaborate with colleagues in a single web-based workspace, which makes it easy to communicate and track succession plans with all key decision-makers
  • Easily nominate successors for positions directly from the employee details panel and propose employees to specific talent groups and key positions

Succession Planning.pdf - Download Here

One of the toughest challenges is retaining top perfomers. Without seeing a clear plan for skill development and progession, they become your biggest flight risk. This module enables manager, HR and executive to review employee profiles and recommend specific career and development paths in line with succession plans and company KPIs. Employees are empowered to shape their career and growth by having the ability to discover new opportunity within the company.
This module enables manager, HR and executive to review employee profiles and recommend specific career and development paths in line with succession plans and company KPIs. Employees are empowered to shape their career and growth by having the ability to discover new opportunity within the company

  • Review a snapshot of their current competencies, helping them to understand where they are, plan where they want to go, and determine how to get there from a single user-interface
  • Easily visualize which roles they would be best suited for based on their competencies with the profile matching feature
  • Access a best-practice competency catalog which allows them to view recommended development actions that will help attain their career goals
  • Using the profile review, indicate their preferences such as willingness to travel or relocate and other key parameters
  • Create and track development plans, while gaining visibility of all competency-building activities organization-wide
  • Take charge of their development plan by providing process updates and scheduling reviews to ensure career aspirations are met in line with both employee and company needs
  • Career plans and goals are saved directly in your SAP HCM ERP system, therefore visible to talent and succession planners

Career Planning.pdf - Download Here
Nakisa TalentHub for Employees - CareerPlanning & DevelopmentPlanning - Quick Demo

Goals & PerformanceTM
This module helps align your human capital with performance evaluation cycles through a robust and integrated platform that defines your company goals & objectives.
Employees can see how their personal goals fit into the company goals & objectives, monitor their individual progress and understand how their effort is evaluated. Managers can track team progress and goal performance and ensure performance evaluations are aligned with company goals & objectives.

  • Align personal performance assessment with larger organizational objectives
  • Make goal assingment transparent
  • Benefit from goal structure definition, visualization and execution using hierarchy charts, accessing key goal information and resource
  • Access key appraisal information and define goal execution contribution to talent performance evaluations by leveraging on-going appraisal cycles
  • Consolidate goals and performance information using flexible reporting tools
  • Use the discussions component to follow conversations on goal progress and feedback on appraisals

Goals and Performance Whitepaper.pdf - Download Here
Goals and Performance.pdf - Download Here
Nakisa Goals & Performance

Success Factor

The Leader in Cloud Solutions for Human Resources

Why SucessFactors?

SucessFactors knows that better business execution can lead to results. Using world-class technology, SucessFactors products and solutions — including talent management, core HR, collaboration, and workforce analytics — get results.

A survey of 500 SucessFactors customers by a Top 3 strategy consulting firm proved significant business execution improvements — what we call return on execution (ROX).

Why Cloud Base?

What SuccessFactors handles?

SucessFactors for Enterprise-Sized Organization

Employee Central

Current on-premise core HR solutions are expensive to implement and maintain, deliver little innovation and are difficult to upgrade. A new approach to core HR – SucessFactors employee central is the industry’s only Core HR solution that not only provide comprehensive, integrated Core HR capabilities, it is specially designed for business execution.

  • Integrates with talent
  • Includes actionable analytic
  • Runs in cloud
  • Provides seamless integration
  • Provides enterprise-grade core HR functionality
  • Supports collaboration around business goals

Performance and Goals
To succeed, organizations need a workforce that clearly understands the strategic business objectives and can quickly adjust course as business needs evolve.

The Performance and Goals module brings the following benefits:

  • Help managers to provide accurate and meaningful feedback and coaching
  • Create a more accurate, clear, and engaging review process
  • Instill meritocracy that rewards high performers and helps develop others
  • Help executives clearly identify not just high performers but potential future leaders.

Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Helps companies to align their strategic planning and workforce design
  • Helps managers to understand and close the gap between current and projected talent needs
  • Conduct sophisticated workforce modeling based on head count, hiring data, turnover rates, retirement age and cost data based on today and future simulated parameters


  • Various talent vs jobs analytical tools helps you to:
    • Increase quality of hires
    • Perform proactive recruiting
    • Decrease paper work and time tremendously
  • SucessFactors’ patented methodology to bring the right message in front of the right candidate at the right time
  • Fully branded career portals, customer landing pages, and marketing programs to attract the right talent.
  • Marketing best practices to cultivate a strong pipeline of candidates.
  • SuccessFactors Onboarding to accelerate new-hire engagement, helpto guide, connect, and develop your new hires, setting them up for success.
  • Integrate recruiting with Workforce Planning to develop proactive recruiting strategies, and with Learning to decrease your new employees’ time to contribution.


  • Allocate payroll funds to reward top performers and avoid overpaying underachievers.
  • Improve budget accuracy
  • Reduce risk
  • Tie greatest expense-employee pay – to actual business results
  • Support multiple compensation components (salary, bonus and equity awards)
  • Get visibility and insight fot total compensation analysis


SucessFactors Learning transforms the organization learning process and provides verifiable return on investment (ROI)

  • Create uniquely branded learning sites
  • Provide learning catalog assignments for different audiences
  • Create a configurable ‘ marketing page’ for each audience
  • Create promotions and even process payment in multi currencies
  • Address any type of learning requirement



  • Identify and develop the talent needed to improve organizational strength and achieve today’s business goals
  • Provide visibility and planning capabilities to support future growth. With SucessFactors Succession & Development, you can create strategic succession processes that reach deep into the organization, align with business needs, and drive better business outcomes

  • Unlike other solutions, SucessFactors enables strategic talent review conversations by giving you access to real time talent information in presentation ready format that you can present and share with others :
    • Know your talent and objectively assess their potential
    • Optimize organizational alignment and ensure leadership continuity
    • Uncover workforce insights and provide talent visibility for HR, managers and executives
    • Engage and motivate employees with meaningful development plans dan career opportunity
    • Enables strategic succession management to drive better business outcomes

Jam (collaboration)
SAP Jam delivers social collaboration where you work. Connecting customers, partners, and colleagues with information, applications, and processes to solve business-critical problems and to drive results – all in your business applications, on your mobile device, or in SAP Jam.

SAP Jam eliminates social silos in your organization because it is delivered as a single, secure, cloud based foundation across your entire business, applications and processes. By bringing together social collaboration under one roof, but across the business, you get a unified work experience that pulls together everything you need to collaborate with customers, partners pr colleagues.

Workforce Analytics
Workforce Analytics improves decision making by helping companies find answers to key questions about workforce challenges and provides guidance to help solve them. Answers that can help drive successful workforce initiatives.