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Human Capital Management System

Consolidate HR processes to ensure compliance with Indonesian regulations and best practices with our custom and rapid implementation of the SOLTIUS Fast HCM solution.

Our clearly defined solution fully integrates with other SAP ERP functionalities to benefit businesses that need to stay updated on new regulations and compliance requirements. Moreover, businesses have the flexibility of selecting quick solutions that are tailored to their preferences and requirements. 

  • Fast1 HCM: Our standard solution integrates core HR processes such as organizational structure, employee information, time and attendance management, medical benefits, and payroll. Fast1 HCM minimizes compliance risk by tracking Indonesian regulations and generating annual tax and Jamsostek reports.  
  • Fast2 HCM: In addition to unifying core HR processes in F1, Fast2 HCM provides additional support and metrics for talent management to enhance employee competencies and strategic planning. This solution allows you to assess employee qualification and compensation to better evaluate the operational and financial costs of preparing employees and new hires to fill future skills needs. 
  • Fast3 HCM: Boost efficiency by automating HR processes to reduce error-prone, time-consuming, and complex data-entry. With self-service capabilities, HR specialists are able to focus on furthering employee engagement instead of highly administrative work.