Tico Kamayana

Tico Kamayana

President Director

My Dreams

In Life To leave the better world better than when I entered it
In Work To develop people to reach their highest level of capabilities
For Soltius    Build Soltius become a sustainable and long lasting business

“I love to cook and play golf”, he said. The two different types of hobby that he loves. Yes, especially for cooking. It may sounds unbelievable, but he really likes to do it in his free time.

Graduated as a Bachelors of Science degree majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering, followed by Masters of Business Administration degree, equipped Tico for what he has been doing right now in his job. Nevertheless, Tico understands that knowledge is not only comes from the experiences, but also from the people around him. That’s what makes him really love to meet new people.

For him one of the methods of acquiring knowledge is by getting to know people so he can get a lot of different point of views and learn to deal with different characteristics of people.

Tico started his career as a system engineer in an IT hardware company and he already spends his life for more than 29 years experience in IT industry. A simple thing that he called as passion is when he can give spirits to the team and working together to achieve something. On the other hand, he really doesn’t like people who were not honest to him.