Bernardy Suhendra

Bernardy Suhendra

Technical Consulting Manager

My Dreams

In Life To live a prosperous life with family until the end the time
In Work To make business intelligent has its own division
For Soltius    Become a business and strategic consulting company
that completely understand customer needs and expectations


Being a fast learner and having an educational background in Information Technology and followed by Magister of Management, helps Bernard to be a great and young consulting manager. It has never been in his mind that his educational background brought him to work in the field of business consulting.

Nevertheless, he obviously enjoys his 11 years experience. One of the most interesting experiences is when he had to do POC or Proof of Concept. The purpose of POC is to close any gaps between what business wants (expectation) and what business gets (delivered).

Another interesting point he found is when he had to work with customer from different time zone and complexities with different characteristics.

Being a consultant is a great choice he ever made and it is not an ordinary job. Doing the consultation needs human touch and he notably has a deep knowledge which makes him very reliable in giving solution to new problems and challenges.

This young man spends his free time doing sports and games. His happiest moment is when his first child is born.