Amanda Daune

Amanda Daune

Business Manager

My Dreams

In Life

Life is about to see the future, what happened in the past

is what make us a better person

In Work

Provide trust to our team while still giving advise

so that every member can develop better than us someday.

For Soltius   

Work together with the same spirit and direction to achieve success

IT world is really her passion although she is a type of person who prefers to spend her weekend and holiday by travelling and cooking. Started her career in IT Industry since 10 years ago, she at that time was an Account Executive for one of the most leading data communication provider in Indonesia.

She thought that experience of becoming representative front liner of the company, who introduces IT products and solutions, which is abstract, then convincing the client until closing a deal, is a very challenging and rewarding atmosphere for her. Given the responsibility of managing a sales team for the CPG, Retail, Pharmaceutical and Chemical since 2 years ago, has always becoming a continuous challenge environment for her.

This responsibility has maintained her to keep learning and understanding how different business process from each industry and company. It will then lead her for the responsibility to formulate an appropriate cutting edge solution which at the end should lead her client to become a prominent company nation wide or even internationally. And if this can be achieved, should made her so satisfied and proud because this is what actually her ultimate goal.