Veronica Widyanti Sutasurya

Veronica Widyanti Sutasurya

Division Manager

My Dreams

In Life To admire beautiful places, culture and people around the world
In Work To help young people change the world
Work smart, work fast, work for quality
For Soltius         To grow not only in numbers, but also in innovative quantum leap innitiatives

Leading a choir is more fun than leading a bunch of consultants. Well, this feeling still exists, but then the world also teaches her to always find something good in what she is doing. She always remember what her eldest said one day, "Always remember the attraction rule, Ma. By being positive, you will always be able to attract everything positives around you, and at the same time getting rid of all the negatives". She did, and now she really believes this magic principle.

She is now enjoying her work so much, where she can help young people to really actualize the best in them. Doing the best in what ever they are doing as to be grateful to the Highest Giver for all the gifts and talents given by Him.

Other than traveling, she also loves attending musical performances - serious and the pop -, listening to music, watching movies and documentaries (especially about travelling to nice beautiful places around the world), photography a little bit, some gardening and cooking, DIY handycrafting, swimming and other simple sports. She can never imagine how people can get bored. There are so many things we can do in this world. Even as simple as visitting friends and family to getting involve in more serious social activities.

Veronica leads the SAP Business One team since 2012. She carries a mission to outgrow the practice 4 times in 5 years since 2015. Taking this challenging target, the key strategies are set out and to be refine time after time:

  • developing team with strong leadership championing prefferred line of industries'
  • building strong support team to increase customer loyalty and references
  • stepping out beyond SAP Business One
  • developing practise beyond the traditional geographical area