Budi Halim

Budi Halim


My Dreams

In Life A happy family is the utmost important
In Work Having an excellent environment, best-of-the-best team and able to face the ever-changing challenges
For Soltius    Becoming a creative company in delivering solutions to our client needs

Prior to entering SAP industry, Budi started his career in 1997 as a presales in one of the IT company for specific industry. His passion in IT and gadgets nurture his interest to work for the IT industry.s

In 1999, he began his career as an SAP consultant with one of the leading automotive group. Throughout his career, he consider each project experience as interesting as he dealt with different customers, different industries and various challenges.

One challenge he can’t forget was when he become a project manager for one of the plantation client back in 2007. That time, ERP in plantation is not yet widely implemented. As a Project Manager and consultant, he and his team has to catch-up with all the knowledge needed to built the solution and with hard work and a good team, they managed to complete the implementation on-time.

Budi consider himself as easy going and easy to hook-up with. That’s one reason why he enjoy doing consultancy as well as sales, as they allow him to meet lots of people.

Budi likes everything that related to technology, other than that, he also loves reading & photography. He can spend the whole day reading a book or walk around to exercise his ‘street-photography’ or taking picture of his daughters.