Laksmono Wijayanto Witoyo

Laksmono Wijayanto Witoyo

Consulting Manager

My Dreams

In Life Having a happy and healthy family 
In Work Being a great leader and professional adviser by cultivating his own desire to help 
For Soltius       To create a strong teamwork composition in order to have a dream work


Laksmono Wijayanto Witoyo better known as Lucky, already spent his time in IT industry for 14 years. He started his career in the United States at accounting professional services company for the position of business consultant.

Five years have passed, in 2000 Lucky entered IT industry and start to know SAP and also other business solutions. He felt that SAP is a great business solution at that time “It has good growth prospects”.

As a business consultant who has worked on many projects, he admitted that every project has its own impression. What’s interesting is when he handled a project in Nigeria just recently (in 2014). He’s attracted to the unsafe situation that happened. There was Ebola virus there but he still found teamwork and solidarity between his team.

This ordinary man chooses to lead an extraordinarily life. He doesn’t like many changes, once he found his comfort zone he will stay there for an unlimited time. The most precious things in his life is when he can spend his time with his child.

Appointed as Consulting Manager of the Company on 2012