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Annual Software Maintenance

Annual Software Maintenance: SOLTIUS annual maintenance and support offers comprehensive coverage to safeguard and maximize your IT solution investment.

We are committed to ensuring that your selected systems solution never hampers your ability to deliver quality customer service. Therefore, as part of our annual software maintenance strategy, we conduct routine software maintenance to correct any problems your business might encounter with the system.

The Annual Software Maintenance Services includes:

  • Mission Critical Support (7x24 hours for very high priority)
  • Remote Support for Unlimited Incidents/Bugs
  • SAP Early Watch Alert and other Remote services (Technical Quality Check)for SAP ECC
  • Global Support Backbone and Knowledge Transfer (SAP Marketplace)
  • Continuous Improvement and Innovation (Update and Most Recent Releases and Correction Package)
  • Root caused analysis for custom program in PRD system
  • Empowerment : Best Practise, Value Map for indirect customer (SAP Market Place)
  • Dedicated Account Representative
  • Weekly Open Message Report
  • Monthly SLA Report
  • Proactive Remote Services Using SAP Tools
  • SAP Remote Support Platform for SAP Business One
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Customer Visit for Future Improvements
  • Tips and Tricks

Standard services that End Users receive (depending on the maintenance phase) via/from the THE FIRST PARTY and from SAP under SAP Enterprise Support in accordance with the SAP Support Model (This enterprise support scope will always follow and be updated according to SAP enterprise support scope and policy) .


The full scope of SAP Enterprise Support includes at current the elements described below.

Continuous Improvement:
  • New Software Releases of the licensed Software and tools, procedures and services for upgrades. SAP supports upgrades to Releases in mainstream maintenance. SAP does not support upgrades to releases in extended or End User specific maintenance, unless this is necessary as one step in a multi-step upgrade to a target release in mainstream maintenance.
  • Support Packages – correction packages to reduce the effort of implementing single corrections. Support Packages may also contain corrections to adapt existing functionality to changed legal and regulatory requirements, for example in the area of human resources.
  • Technology updates to support third-party operating systems and databases.
  • Available ABAP source code for SAP applications and additionally released and supported function modules.
  • Software change management, such as changed configuration settings or Software upgrades, is extensively supported. For example with content and information material, tools for client copy and entity copy, and tools for comparing and synchronizing of customizing.
  • Best practices for SAP System Administration and SAP Solution Operations for Enterprise Support Solutions are provided.
  • Content, tools and process descriptions for SAP Lifecycle Management are part of the SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition, the Enterprise Support Solutions and/or the applicable documentation for the Software Enterprise Support Solutions.
Problem Resolution:
  • Mission-critical support:
    • 24x7 for Soltius Support Phone (Soltius Support Manager / Basis) for incident related to software messages with very high priority.
    • Escalation to SAP Global by Soltius for Incidents related to Software for messages with very high priority.
    • Soltius 24x7 escalation procedures – to get access to resources available to provide a solution to severe problems.
  • Licensee should send all incident directly to Soltius by using THE FIRST PARTY’s service desk
  • SAP Notes – SAP’s knowledge database. SAP Notes document software errors and contain information on how to remedy, avoid and bypass these errors. SAP Notes may contain coding corrections that End Users can implement into their SAP system. SAP Notes also document other problems or End User questions and recommended solutions (e.g. customizing settings).
  • SAP Note Assistant - a tool to install specific corrections and improvements to Software.
  • Root Cause Analysis for Custom Code
  • Early Watch Alert activation

Quality Management:
  • Support readiness check prior Go Live to check and prepare infrastructure and process requirement prior SAP Support delivery.
  • Monitoring components and agents for systems to optimize available resources.
  • Proactive remote services – to prevent technical problems before they occur, for example, SAP EarlyWatch® Alert.
  • Administrative integration of distributed systems through SAP Solution Manager.
  • Content and supplementary tools to increase efficiency, such as
    • Implementation methodologies and tools – best practices, Implementation Guide (IMG), Business Configuration (BC) Sets and Customizing Monitoring
Knowledge transfer and access to SAP’s Community:
  • Support readiness check as provision which is necessary as an activity prior to go live and enables THE FIRST PARTY to cross check infrastructure  and process requirement prior for SAP Enterprise support delivery.
  • SAP Support portal to get information and access to a The First Partyiety of services and to participate in SAP’s community.
  • Access to SAP Knowledge room, implementation, operations and upgrade content – via SAP Support portal

Global Support Backbone
  • SAP Support Portal 
  • SAP Notes on the SAP Support portal document software errors and contain information on how to remedy, avoid and bypass these errors.
  • SAP Note Assistant (tool)
  • SAP Solution Manager Enterprise Edition (source)
SAP Support Network
  • Access to the SAP service and support backbone.
  • Solution Manager : For details in regards SAP Solution Manager refer to the SAP Support portal under, which SAP – in its sole discretion – will update from time to time.

Scope of Proactive Remote Services. Provided Licensee is paying Maintenance Fees, Licensee shall receive for each productive system per calendar year one of the following services in paragraph A below and the service in paragraph B (available only when triggered by critical results of the SAP EarlyWatch® Alert) and the service in paragraph C (available only when triggered by critical results of the SAP EarlyWatch® Check):


A. One SAP GoingLive  Check for any new Software or other SAP application implementation OR

One SAP GoingLive Functional Upgrade Check for an upgrade to a higher functional Release (e.g. from R/3 4.6 to ECC 6.0) OR

One SAP OS/DB Migration Check for migration from one operating system to a different operating system, or a migration from one database system to another different database system (Migration is the responsibility of the Licensee/THE FIRST PARTY) AND


B. Up to two SAP EarlyWatch® Checks (available only when triggered by critical results of the SAP EarlyWatch® Alert) per installation.


C. Technical Quality Check (for Enterprise Support)


Choice of one of the following services, per production system per year :

SAP EarlyWatch Alert
  • TQC for Implementation
  • TQC Going Live for Upgrade
  • TQC OS/DB Migration Check

To follow up to critical EWA or TOP issue :
  • TQC SAP EarlyWatchCheck
  • TQC Going Live Support
  • TQC Business Process Performance Optimization
  • TQC Data Volume Management
  • TQC Transport Execution Analysis
  • TQC Security Optimization
  • TQC Technical Perf. Optimization Database
  • TQC Upgrade Assessment
  • TQC Downtime Assessment
  • TQC Business Process Improvement

In order for Licensee to receive the Proactive Remote Services, Licensee shall fulfill the following requirements:
Licensee shall provide remote access to its production system refer to SAP Remote connection Policy.

Licensee shall install the suitable tools and monitors supplied by SAP (for example, SAP Solution Manager, SAP EarlyWatch® Alert). Licensee shall ensure that SAP EarlyWatch® Alert is used weekly at its Licensee’s installations, checked by THE FIRST PARTY not less frequently than four times per year, and the results forwarded to SAP.

The Proactive Remote Services shall be requested for at least three (3) months in advance (for example, in the case of a SAP GoingLive Check, three (3) months prior to the planned start of production.) Licensee shall contact SAP’s support organization to schedule the Proactive Remote Services.

SAP Solution Manager shall only be used for Named Users of the licensed Software. In particular, Licensee may not offer the Usage of the SAP Solution Manager as a service to third parties even if such third parties have licensed the Software and Named Users themselves. Licensee may also not use the SAP Solution Manager for the operation of a general Help Desk or for other scenarios that utilize SAP CRM or for any SAP NetWeaver usage type other than that listed above. The Solution Manager is provided to Licensee “As Is” without any warranty. Licensee assumes all risks associated with its use of the SAP Solution Manager. Further information and details on SAP Solution Manager can be found on the SAP Support portal at (




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