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Introducing : "Soltius Vehicle Tracking" Solution to Help Track Your Vehicles


Why Tracking Vehicle is important?

Vehicle tracking gives you the power to look at the locations of a vehicle and verify whether it is delivering to the right destination through the correct route. Other than it can also monitor the time consumed on certain points to check whether any odd behaviors happen.

Other than tracking while delivering we can also track the utilization which can help to prolong the life of the vehicles. It also helps to prevent delays that may be caused when the vehicles break down.

How Soltius Vehicle Tracking helps you.

Today, vehicle tracking is not as expensive as it used to be in the past as it is available on recent phones. It is now an inexpensive endeavor for any business that wants to operate more efficiently. The set-up cost and service fee are worth it if you want to maximize profits. Therefore, vehicle tracking is considered as one of the best practices by the largest and most profitable companies in the world.

Integrate with Soltius FastAgri to helps for monitoring the vehicles by using android based phone. You can have live monitoring or checking the historical delivering routes. Other than that, Soltius Vehicle Tracking can help to automate vehicle integration to SAP for preventive maintenance in module PM.

How Soltius Vehicle Tracking Works :


  • Register your Device for Security
  • Assign your Delivery Order to Drivers.
  • Click Start Delivering on our App.
  • Click End Delivering on our App.

For accommodating this map feature, Soltius VehicleTracking integrates with Google Maps as map provider. Soltius VehicleTracking also supports online and offline mode for tracking your vehicles.


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