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Payroll Outsourcing vs HRIS Software, Which is Better?

Payroll Outsourcing vs HRIS Software, Which is Better?

In Indonesia, payroll outsourcing software may still be rarely heard of and used by various companies. However, this software can make a big impact on companies and businesses. Not only payroll outsourcing, now you can also use HRIS software as an alternative.

Of course there are some differences that can determine which software is the best. Payroll outsourcing vs HRIS software is also the subject of much discussion. So, which one is the best? Check out the review below.

Definition of Payroll Outsourcing vs HRIS Software

Payroll outsourcing is one of the activities in carrying out employee payroll carried out by professional services. Later, the payroll service provider will take care of various company administrative needs related to the salary of each of the company's employees. This system is indeed widely used by many companies because it can save payroll calculation time which can take a lot of time if done independently.

Meanwhile, the notion of HRIS or Human Resource Information System is a cloud server-based software that can store employee data safely. This software requires the HR team to perform their duties optimally. Later HRIS will help companies to store, process and manage each employee's data including in making payroll.

The Difference Between Payroll Outsourcing and HRIS

Generally, companies want to do employee payroll in a timely manner. But doing it manually is not the best choice. Why? Because manual payroll processing can take more time and is prone to errors. So, payroll outsourcing vs HRIS software itself has a significant difference. Check out the complete information.

Payroll Outsourcing

Why do many companies prefer to use payroll outsourcing services? Because not all companies have adequate human resources to be able to do and process payroll. Therefore they also have to hire a third party to do the work so that employees can be paid on time.

Usually, payroll outsourcing will be handled by a professional team so that the process can be done more quickly. Errors in calculating payroll can certainly be a problem for the company. Because it can cost more to fix it. By choosing professional payroll outsourcing, employee salaries can of course be paid on time with accurate calculations.

HRIS Software

There are several types of advantages of implementing HRIS in their company to manage payroll. In this case the company can maintain the privacy and transparency of employee data so that the HR team has full control over the process of paying their employees' salaries. Therefore, the company must also train the HR team to get used to using HRIS software to carry out internal payroll.

Even so, this internal payroll process also often raises various problems. The reason is, the success of payroll is very dependent on who is doing it. If the HR team is still not used to using this software, of course the internal payroll work will be less effective. Training must be provided before the company implements this software.

So, those are some things you should know about payroll outsourcing vs HRIS software. Of course, these two things can be chosen by the company according to their respective needs. Make sure to choose Soltius as your company's IT service provider so that the payroll process can be done in a timely manner. Because fast payroll will increase employee satisfaction. Thus Soltius is the right solution for your business needs. Get other complete information only at

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