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See 3 Differences between Private Cloud and Public Cloud Applications Here!

What are the differences between private cloud and public cloud applications? You can listen to it here! The term cloud computing itself includes various classifications, types and architectural models. This computing model is capable of changing the way you work. Cloud computing itself is storing programs, applications or data via the internet which are usually stored directly on the hard drive of a laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone.

Cloud computing includes various classifications, types and architectural models. The network computing model is divided into three main types, namely public, private and hybrid cloud. For those of you who are interested in using cloud computing, it's a good idea to know the differences between private cloud and public cloud applications, as follows:


The first difference between private cloud and public cloud applications is infrastructure. In particular, private cloud infrastructure services are managed in a way that is more exclusive to one company. Meanwhile, public cloud infrastructure can be accessed in general. As the name implies public, users can access various kinds of cloud services such as data storage, networking and computing that can be accessed from the internet.

Facilities Offered

The public cloud is the most popular cloud service model and offers a wide variety of choices. In general, public cloud offers high elasticity and scalability. In addition, it also offers relatively low costs, because it is based on subscriptions.

Meanwhile, private cloud offers a much more exclusive environment. The environment is secure and cannot be accessed by other organizations or companies. Private cloud also offers customizable security. Compliance with regulations because companies can run security configurations and protocols according to workload requirements.

For private cloud scalability can be increased by adding hardware resources such as SSD and memory. The last advantage is efficient performance and guaranteed flexibility because you can change the infrastructure and then adapt it to a dynamic business climate.


The final difference is security. So if you want a secure application, private cloud is the right solution. Why is that? This is because public clouds are considered less secure. Apart from that, there are some disadvantages if you use public cloud applications.

The first drawback is limited control. Multi-tenant public cloud means that one environment serves many consumers because the environment is indeed shared. You as a public cloud consumer or client do not have access to the hypervisor. As a result you cannot change the environment and control is limited.

Unlike the private cloud. As the name implies, this application is safer because one server is only used for one client, so you have full control of your server. In addition, security is much more guaranteed because it is not divided.

How's the price?

After you know the difference between private cloud and public cloud applications above, of course you can already conclude how the prices of these two applications are. Yes, private cloud has a much more expensive implementation price compared to public cloud. That's because the private cloud environment is only used for yourself, while the public cloud is shared. The control provided by the private cloud is unlimited and can be customized as desired.

Those are the differences between private cloud and public cloud applications that are interesting for you to know. If you need a cloud application to develop and integrate your business, it's better to use SOLTIUS services. SOLTIUS is the only trusted and experienced IT solution company. The solutions provided by SOLTIUS can be adapted to company goals, organizational structure and business needs. SOLTIUS is also able to combine proven experience and understanding to meet all business needs. Please click this link to get more SOLTIUS cloud information!

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