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This is the Most Important Software and Must Have for Business Activitiesǃ

What are the most important software and must have business activities? You can listen to it here! Software is a computer program that functions as an interface between the user and the hardware. In addition, software is a collection of programming language codes.

Software is an important part of computer operations that does not have a physical form because it only contains a collection of electronic data. The main function of the software is to use a certain programming language. It then compiles into machine readable code. So that the business can develop better, consider some of the most important types of software and must have the following business activities:

Software Warehouse or Inventory

In the first position, there is the software warehouse or inventory. This software is used to help companies find out how much the number of incoming goods, outgoing goods and the remaining stock of goods stored in the warehouse. With good software management, your business or company can grow even better. Software is able to offer accurate stock control, raw material management and advanced features to get a holistic view of your Inventory.


The most important and must-have software for further business activities CRM. This one device can provide better customer satisfaction for the company. By using this one system, all company affairs related to service, marketing and selling products to customers are carried out in a more orderly and systematic manner. CRM also enables upselling that capitalizes on customers' buying habits and provides customers with premium products that fit into the company's previous purchasing category.


The most important and must-have software for future HRM business activities. The more complex the organizational structure of a business, the more difficult it is to manage human assets. This software is capable of creating hundreds of software invoices, payslips, taxes, and reimbursement. All activities related to human management require a more practical system. With HR software and a complete payroll application, HR tasks and employee administration become more practical, effective and efficient.


The most important software and must have for subsequent business activities is ERP. ERP is a system and software package used by companies to manage daily business activities such as financial management, procurement, production, HR projects and so on. The ERP system is able to provide business facilities with accurate real time information so that you can make good business decisions based on facts. By aggregating transaction data together from multiple sources, ERP is able to prevent data duplication and provide data integrity.

Accounting Software

Accounting software is an important software for your business. It is undeniable that the activity of recording finances in business is the most sensitive thing for business. Financial records related to incoming and outgoing money function for daily business activities as well as long-term activities.

The manual accounting process is very time consuming, besides that it is not effective and efficient. Starting from bookkeeping, calculating asset depreciation and so on. The bigger your business, the more you need a good accounting system, to create efficiency in the accounting process, especially if there are quite a number of business branches.

Businesses that have branches, financial management must be integrated as a whole. With an accounting system, you can easily analyze your finances in depth and even make accurate revenue estimates for each branch.

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