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Jun 29, 2020 - Dec 29, 2300
Indonesia's Talent Management System to Achieve Business Objectives

Talent management system - Employees are assets and large investments that the company has. Therefore it is very important for companies to manage them well and involve them in the growth and development of the company. This employee productivity and loyalty is very important to encourage the company to grow to the maximum. To increase productivity and also employee loyalty, the company can use a talent management system. In this system you will...

Jun 26, 2020 - Dec 29, 2170
Indonesia Predictive Analytics Software Makes Companies Faster and Confident

Indonesian analytics software is very important in your business. By using this software your company will not miss any opportunities that can come at any time. This right analysis will make you easy in making decisions. When your competitors are still confused with the decisions that will be taken, your company can make decisions faster so they can take the opportunities and opportunities that arise first. Companies that excel in the economy are...

Jun 25, 2020 - Dec 30, 2180
SAP Business One for Small and Medium Businesses

SAP Business One will help your business get more leverage. Business One itself is still included in ERP software that offers a variety of interesting features such as procurement, human resources, controlling and so forth. Business One is also one of the lowest priced SAP products, so this software is suitable for middle to lower business. Besides this software is equipped with a user friendly user interface so that you and your employees can ea...

Jun 24, 2020 - Jan 10, 2161
The Role of Advanced Supply Chain Planning and Its Use for Business

Advanced supply chain planning - SCM or commonly referred to as supply chain management into a series of activities that include coordination, scheduling, and also control of procurement, production, inventory, and delivery of products to customers or services. In this SCM special attention is needed where the suppliers and distributors of these products can deliver goods to consumers without any obstruction. If it is not managed properly, of cou...

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