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Oct 6, 2020 - Dec 28, 2170
4 HRD Programs in Companies that Are Effective in Reducing Employee Turnover

HRD program in the company - Every company has high expectations of having employees with good performance and loyalty to the company. At this time it is difficult to find employees who are loyal and have good performance towards the company so that with employees who are mediocre it is difficult for the company to achieve its goals so far. That is why it is very important for HRD to be able to increase employee loyalty as well as being able to d...

Oct 6, 2020 - Dec 30, 2140
5 Simple Ways to Make Accurate Financial Bookkeeping Reports

Financial accounting reports must be prepared systematically and accurately. This report will be used as a reference for the company to determine what steps the company should take next. Given its vital importance, it is not surprising that this report should be so accurate. This report is the heart of the company. You as a businessman must be able to read these financial statements. The report will later describe how the company is doing and als...

Oct 5, 2020 - Dec 22, 2130
4 Features in the Shop Cashier Application Are Able to Advance SME Businesses Better

Store cashier application - The owner of an SME or Small and Medium Enterprise has a lot of homework to do, including taking care of inventory, doing marketing, managing sales reports, and many others. Using manual methods to process all these activities is a waste of time. If the business owner is not efficient in the process of inventory management and financial reports, he will lose the opportunity to develop his business. This Point of Sal...

Oct 5, 2020 - Jan 5, 2131
4 Payroll Procedure and Control Problems Often Experienced

Payroll procedures and controls - Employees are one of the important components of a company because they are the human resources that drive the wheels of your business company. To be able to achieve this goal, of course the human resources owned by your company must be of high quality and productive. To increase employee productivity, you can use the best payroll system or software so that this payroll can run smoothly and on time. The cost f...

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