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Oct 2, 2020 - Dec 27, 2120
3 Differences in Customer Service and Customer Experience in CRM

Customer experience in CRM - Customers cannot be separated in your business. The more customers, the more developed and advanced your business will be. To be able to improve your service and turn customers into customers you need a CRM. The more customers your business has, the better it is for your business. Customers will continue to repeat orders or make purchases at your place even though competitors sell the same goods and services. Compe...

Oct 1, 2020 - Jan 1, 2101
3 examples of ERP applications in the best companies

Examples of ERP applications - ERP is the answer to big company challenges. By using this ERP the company will be able to integrate its business to make it even better. This ERP contributes greatly to company financial management because it is undeniable that thanks to this software, business management is better such as the company's financial department, payroll automation, billing, cost monitoring, sales and CRM capabilities. Types of E...

Sep 30, 2020 - Dec 31, 2190
Management Stages and Targets in Modern Warehousing Systems

The modern warehousing system can be said to be a way of managing interrelated activities between one another in terms of temporary storage. With good warehousing management, the logistics distribution process can be maintained properly. It is not surprising that many retail, wholesale, and manufacturing entrepreneurs run their business by implementing warehousing management. To understand more about this warehousing system, you need to know the...

Sep 28, 2020 - Feb 6, 2201
History and the Importance of Fundamental SAP Implementation in the Company

SAP fundamentals are the basis for learning advanced materials on SAP, such as Material Management and Accounting. Initially the SAP system was only used to handle company financial matters. But over time, SAP is also widely used to handle many tasks, such as controlling sales, production, inventory management, and also HR management. Thanks to a well-integrated module, SAP can provide the information needed by the company. Brief History of SA...

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