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Jun 19, 2020 - Dec 26, 2160
Why Should I Use SAP Indonesia?

SAP Indonesia is the most famous part of ERP. SAP itself stands for System Application and Product in data processing which is an IT-based tool or software that is useful to help companies in planning and carrying out operational activities to be more effective and efficient. SAP consists of several modules that can be selected according to the needs of your business and company. Each module is able to support all transactions made by the company...

Jun 19, 2020 - Dec 29, 2170
Get to know the SAP System Module and its Use for Business

Only the best SAP systems can help your business better. SAP stands for System Application and Product in Data Processing which is part of ERP software. So far, SAP is synonymous with large-scale companies, but small and medium companies can use it. In the midst of increasingly complex business demands, the manual method is not enough to make maximum business operations, therefore the presence of SAP and ERP is a breath of fresh air for business...

Jun 17, 2020 - Jun 12, 2022

SAP BW/4HANA is a cornerstone in SAP’s enterprise data warehouse strategy and architecture. It is a model-driven solution that enables the next generation of modern enterprise data warehouses and provides a robust and agile platform for your end-to-end analytics strategy.   Simplicity : Reducing complexity to allow faster, more efficient responses to today’s dynamic environment Simplified data structure...

Jun 4, 2020 - Dec 26, 2150
Benefits of Indonesian ERP Software in Online Learning

Indonesian ERP software is not only beneficial for businesses. This software is also very useful in the teaching and learning process. Like today where the government urges people to stay at home, so the teaching and learning activities from PAUD to universities must be done at home. There are already many schools and even tens of thousands of schools that organize online-based teaching and learning. The learning methods carried out are indeed qu...

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