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Highlight of SAP BUSINESS ONE Version 10- SBO Support Online Session

Pandemic outbreaks Corona Virus or COVID-19 makes PT. SOLTIUS is taking drastic steps to help the government prevent further spread. In the emergency response period, Soltius still guaranteed satisfaction and trust of loyal consumers, without reducing the safety and security aspects of COVID-19 defense. Soltius is committed to continuing to provide the best for customers in a difficult phase, as stated by Soltius President Director, Tico Kamayana, in his letter addressed to all customers of Soltius Indonesia.

To help smooth the business of consumers, Soltius is committed to providing the best support services to maintain business continuity and ease for loyal customers of Soltius. By holding an Online sharing program about SAP B1 Version 10 Highlight. Where in this session provided information related to the latest version of sap and discuss what’s new of that version and attended by more than 70 participants. Of course, this improvement gets a positive response from loyal customers and gets high enthusiasm.

In this challenging time, we remain committed to serving and supporting our customers the best we can. With each other's support, we believe we can face this together.


For any question to our SBO support, don't hesitate to reach us:


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