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Mini Hackathon Event

Soltius Indonesia and Siemens once again successfully held a Mini Two-Days Hackathon at WeWork, Sinarmas MSIG Tower, Kuningan, South Jakarta. This event was held for 2 consecutive days with the theme "Fueling Innovation with Low-Code Mendix".

This event was attended by participants who were interested in using Mendix Low-Code technology for application development in business. Mini Two-Days Hackathon participants were allowed to learn and experience firsthand how Mendix Low-Code technology can be used.

Not only are they provided with knowledge by Presenters and Mentors who are experts in the field of Low-Code Mendix, but participants are also given the challenge of being able to explore more widely in creating Low-Code Mendix applications, participants are asked to be as creative as possible in designing the application, of course, supported by guidance from a Mentor.

During the two days, this event gave an interesting impression because the participants were successful and able to develop sophisticated applications in a relatively short time, they got ideas from problems that existed in their respective companies or internal businesses.

Here are some applications that were successfully designed by Mini Two-Days Hackathon participants using Low-Code Mendix:

1.    Sales Activity Application is s sales activity application typically refers to software designed to help businesses and sales professionals manage and track their sales-related activities. These applications often include features such as customer relationship management (CRM), lead management, opportunity tracking, sales analytics, and reporting

2.    Online Restitution Application is In the context of online applications, it may refer to a digital platform that allows individuals or organizations to submit restitution claims and manage the process electronically. Such applications can be used in a variety of contexts, including law, finance, or public service.

3.    Ticket Scan Application is generally refers to a software application designed for scanning and processing tickets or barcodes for various events, transportation services, or other purposes. The primary functionality of such applications is to streamline the ticketing process and enhance security and efficiency

4.    Meeting Room Reservation Application is a software tool or application designed to facilitate the booking and management of meeting rooms within an organization. The primary purpose of such an application is to streamline the process of reserving meeting spaces, ensuring efficient use of resources and providing a centralized system for scheduling.

5.    Assets Maintenance Application is refers to a software application designed to manage and streamline the maintenance processes of physical assets within an organization. This type of application helps in tracking, scheduling, and optimizing maintenance activities to ensure that assets are in optimal condition, reducing downtime and extending their lifespan.

Low-Code Mendix has succeeded in creating a platform for professionals in the field of Information Technology and beginners who want to learn to understand the world of digital technology. This Mini Two-Day Hackathon event is hoped that it will provide insight and motivation for the participants in facing problems or challenges in their respective companies or businesses.

As this event concludes, the participants are excited to continue their innovation journey and look forward to the next Hackathon event. With a high spirit of collaboration and innovation, Soltius Indonesia and Siemens continue to contribute to advancing technology in Indonesia and helping companies or business stakeholders answer all problems to achieve success in the digital era.

Look forward to the next interesting events from Soltius Indonesia!!


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