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Project Closing Mestindo - Medan


Great news from Mest Indonesia & Perusahaan Pupuk Nusantara Team !




Customer Highlight

           Mest Indonesiy & Perusahaan Pupuk Nusantara is one of new company with business area in Fertilizer production.


The main business of Mest Indonesiy & Perusahaan Pupuk Nusantara are Feritilizer Production. One of product is NPK with bunga raya merah and Hikay Brand.

The company headquarter is located at Jl. T. Amir Hamzah ,Medan.

Scope of Work Implemented

Mest Indonesiy & Perusahaan Pupuk Nusantara use all modules in SAP Business One on HANA Database


To provide the system in their branch, they use TS Plus. Because of great cooperation between Soltius and Mestindo Team, the implementation run smoothly in 3 months (Juli 25th 2017 –Okt 26th 2016).



Other News

Feb 1, 2024
Mini Hackathon Event
Jan 25, 2024