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SAP Business One GO LIVE and CLOSING Announcement

Great news from SBO Soltius Team !
SAP Business One GO LIVE at Sappe Indonesia 

We are pleased to informed GO LIVE on January 19th 2018 and CLOSING on February 2nd 2018

Customer Highlight

In 1973, Mr. Anan Ruckariyapong and his wife Mrs. Somnuk Isoonpisansiri, a couple passionate about making dessert, bought a teeny tiny oven so they could bake cookies. They sold the cookies at various train stations and bus terminals. Using only quality ingredients, the cookies turned out delicious and many people loved them. Soon they started offering other treats as well. Under the brand "Piyajit" the business kept expanding. In 1988, Sapanan General Food Co., Ltd. was born in the Bang Chan industrial estate. In 2013, the company changed its name to SAPPE Public Company Limited as the company geared itself towards becoming an internationally recognized brand.

The company first ventured into the beverage industry in 2001, by introducing "Mogu Mogu", a fruit juice with coconut jelly. It was the company's first beverage product and was launched under the management of Mr. Adisak Ruckariyaphong (Kong), a second generation executive of the family business. The launch was only a small start to something big, as the company introduced the world's first fruit juice with coconut jelly. Immediately "Mogu Mogu" created quite a stir in the industry and quickly became everyone's favorite chewy fruit juice.

In 2011, PT. Sappe Indonesia have been founded by Sappe and local alliances in order to market and strenghten the brand to be a leading one.

Success with SAP Business One!

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