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Upcoming Event : Empowering Your Enterprise for Digital Transformation

Empowering Your Enterprise for Digital Transformation



We are now living in a world of real-time, digital connections across businesses, people, and devices. Simply put, we are now experiencing life in a new digital economy. The pace of innovation is happening lightning fast. Consumers are in charge, machines and people are connected, and geographic barriers have been removed.


Consumer Products (CP) companies today are planning their digital journeys – transforming business models, reengineering business processes, and reimagining work. Company need to Predict consumers’ needs to provide perfectly tailored product suggestions – live and on demand – and meet market expectations using accurate, real-time insights. By engaging in digital transformation, you can pursue ambitious growth strategies to accelerate sales and win new customers.


Other challenges faced by CP companies, every year the volume of world data doubles, 1and 75% of it is in unstructured formats such as text, voice, and video. Never have CP companies held so much information on consumers, suppliers, and internal processes. The big question is, how can Consumer Products companies harness this flood of data to achieve better business outcomes and compete more effectively? Machine learning algorithms adapt to change by learning continuously as data accumulates, making them a powerful tool for CP companies seeking to make accurate predictions or take the next best action automatically.


Can you afford to delay your digital transformation any longer? Come and join this workshop to understand how we can help your company to run better and surviving the digital transformation world!




Event not for public, invitation recipient only


Who Should Attend: IT Manager, Finance Manager, Business User Manager, Directors

Day/Date: Wednesday, 3th October 2018

Venue: Singapore Room, 1st Floor of Raffles Hotel - Ciputra World

Jl. Prof. DR. Satrio No.3-5, RT.18/RW.4, Kuningan, Jakarta 12940

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