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End to end solution for data integration or Extract Transform and Loading solution using SAP BW built in ETL (Process Chain), SAP Business Objects Data Services and professional services for other data integration platform.

If you encounter these problems:

  • Data is scattered in silos across organization
  • No centralized repository to store organization data
  • Poor data quality that needs to be cleansed
  • No data integration solution to connect all data and schedule the extraction
  • Massive data volume that need to be analyzed
  • Faster data management platform based on in-memory computing
  • No data harmonization

Then you need Data Management solution



Data Warehouse

What Enterprise Data Warehouse can do for your organization:

  • Consolidates data across the  enterprise
  • Standardized data model
  • Supports decision making
  • Define common semantics
  • Harmonize data values
  • Establish a ‘single version of truth’
  • Provide a single, comprehensive  source of current and historical  information
  • Keep copy of source data to  ensure independency of source  and support the unknown


SAP Business Warehouse


Solution Roadmap

The next generation of modern data warehouse


  • is a new data warehouse solution
  • is highly optimized for SAP HANA
  • solves analytics problems in seconds that take other systems days
  • accelerates solution development
  • means you have one version of the truth
  • is ready for the internet of things at petabyte scale

The transition from standard SAP BW to SAP BW/4HANA can be compared with the transition of the SAP Business Suite to SAP  S/4HANA. As part of this transition, SAP BW/4HANA will drastically reduce the number of data objects to be stored and maintained,  similar to the elimination of aggregates in SAP S/4HANA.


Modern Interface

High Performance

SAP Business Objects Data Services - Data Integrator / Data Quality Management / Text Processing

With SAP® Data Services and SAP Information Steward software, you can transform enterprise data into a trusted, relevant, and everready resource for business insight. Use it to discover, cleanse, and integrate data, whether it’s structured and unstructured from SAP and non-SAP sources, domains, or types. Empower business users to access and analyze the quality of the data for better decision making. And monitor and govern data quality and understand how it affects enterprise processes and performance.


Benefits :

  • Turn enterprise data into an ever-ready source of trusted business insight
  • Provide continuous insight about whether data is fit to use
  • Simplify your IT landscape with integrated, enterprise-caliber data management solutions





Data Integration

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services - Integrate all data sources, do transformation and load

SAP BusinessObjects Data Integrator- Integrate Heterogeneous Data

Data Quality

Why data quality matters ?

SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality – Scheduled Cleansing/Matching