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Datavard, SAP Silver Partner, is an SAP Data Management and transformation-based solutions company, headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany. Datavard has been offering SAP based solutions for 22 years (Datavard is an SAP certified solutions provider). They have their Asia Pacific regional headquarters in Singapore and Global offices in Europe and USA. Datavard believes in “Customer/Partner first” strategy and builds long term relationships. It has a proven track record of customers across all industries and regions. Datavard says what they can do and does exactly what they say.

Datavard’s Professional Services and Software portfolio revolves around cutting operational budgets & freeing up time helping you to run your SAP landscape with optimal efficiency. And if you want to get more out of your SAP data, they will help you build the data warehouse of the future.

Big Data scenarios are getting more and more relevant for many companies. Scenarios and use cases include Business Intelligence, AI/ML, Predictive Analytics, Churn Reduction, Predictive Maintenance, Fraud Detection, Clickstream Integration, etc. However, data is still generated and stored in silos – especially when it comes to SAP. Breaking down these silos to implement data integration is becoming a top priority. Datavard GlueTM helps to achieve true integration between SAP and Big Data platforms both in the cloud and on-premise.

Datavard GlueTM opens SAP for Data Scientists and opens Big Data for SAP skilled professionals. Datavard Glue and SAP work seamlessly together. GlueTM is an ABAPbased solution with native SAP integration which comes turbocharged with useful content to help accelerate extraction, i.e. the Business Process Library (BPL). With Glue, you can utilize SAP Best Practices (e.g. SAP authorizations and software logistics) to implement integration scenarios in record time!

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Datavard Glue is available for Google Cloud Platform : click here
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Datavard Glue™ Achieves SAP Certification as Integrated with SAP S/4HANA® and SAP : click here 
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Datavard OutBoard for ERP archiving can help you fast track your way to S/4HANA and offers an affordable solution for all your SAP data needs. Mitigate risks and prepare your data foundation in advance. Reduce costs whilst optimizing your SAP landscape in the face of a complex transformation.

Datavard Outboard,

  • Reduces TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Allows quick Implementation and is cost effective
  • Requires no Additional Hardware
  • Has Flexibility of Storage (in the cloud and onprem)
  • Helps automate archiving
  • Improves system performance
  • Available for SAP ERP and SAP BW systems

OutBoard ERP Archiving and Document Processing can not only cut your SAP database size up to 50% in advance of a move to S/4 but with our flexible storage management, you can store the archived data compliantly in the most cost-effective storage for you. This can be storage you already have, or any of the 30+ databases and technologies supported – including all major Cloud providers (Microsoft, Google, AWS).

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Outboard DataTiering  is in Azure Marketplace: click here
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DataFridge™ allows Data extraction from your legacy systems on cost-effective storage media (e.g. data lakes in the cloud).

OutBoard DataFridge is a lean solution for system decommissioning. It supports mass archiving and moves data to inexpensive storage. DataFridge supports a vast array of storages to suit any requirement – from Hadoop either cloud or on-premise to the major cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, AWS or GCP. To keep things simple, all data is accessible through an SAP user interface. Legacy data can be easily found and viewed for the purpose of audits or legal disputes. DataFridge enables users to define retention rules and will automatically delete data which no longer needs to be stored. DataFridge also supports legal hold scenarios, in the case data needs to be kept longer due to ongoing audits or legal matters.

DataFridge Supports,

  • Automatic deletion of data after expiry of retention periods
  • “Legal hold” scenarios
  • Legally compliant archiving
  • Data browser for accessing all archive objects
  • WORM storage media
  • Data keywording and classification during import
  • Dashboards and analyses via SAP BW or 3rd party frontend solutions

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Datavard Transformation Suite. Transform your SAP Landscape

Datavard Transformation Suite (DTS) brings together 22 years of proven knowledge and expertise.

DTS is an ABAP-based, standardized, efficient solution to enable SAP migrations and transformations of all types and approaches. DTS consists of several modules to automate and expedite transformations in multiple scenarios such as mergers & acquisitions, carve-outs, S/4HANA & BW/4HANA migrations, system harmonization, or Cloud Lift ’n’ Shift with Near Zero Downtime, and many more: Click Here

Advantages of the Datavard approach are:

  • Transformation including historical data
  • Free choice of the date of go-live, which can usually be carried out during the year and not on a key date
  • Avoidance of process interruptions
  • Preserving the reporting
  • Optional minimization of the runtime of a transformation

The Datavard Transformation Suite enables the deployment of scenarios such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A), system separations (carve-out), merging SAP systems, harmonizing master and transaction data, or changing the SAP organizational structure. Classical examples of such scenarios are the execution of chart of accounts conversions, merging company codes, or the separation of SAP systems in the “Delete Company Code” scenario. In addition to complex scenarios such as merging SAP clients (client merge) and switching to S/4HANA and B/4HANA, DTS naturally also supports the transformation of BW, B/4HANA, native HANA and archive data.

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