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Content & Collaboration

Your Important Information All In One Place

Soltius Indonesia as SAP Platinum Partner and Docuflo, now can deliver a content management system, give value-added services and build success to our customers.

Workplace documents are indispensable. Everyday, businesses produce and handle large amounts of business documents, proposals, sales decks, training manuals, onboarding materials, HR guidelines, checklists, blog posts, press releases and more. However, the more we rely on these documents for business, the more critical it gets to have best practices in place to manage these documents. That’s where Docuflo come in.

Docuflo Document Management System (DMS) is an enterprise content management system with management capabilities for all types of content including business documents, photos, video, medical images, e-mail, reports, etc. The core of Docuflo DMS consists of a central repository where all the electronic and scanned documents are stored. With Docuflo DMS, organisations can manage access to unstructured information stored within a secured repository. Docuflo DMS provides a suite of features including document management, collaboration, search, content classification, scan and capture management, process management, file versioning, APIs for integration, document security & encryption, compliance, reports management and archiving.