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Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Enterprise performance management (EPM) solutions help increase revenue and profitability by allowing you to better strategize and plan, analyse and optimize, and close and disclose results.

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

If you encounter these problems:

For Budgeting & Planning

  • Annual budgeting process takes long time to complete
  • No clarity and visibility in annual budgeting process
  • Budget data is scattered across organization
  • No budget version management control
  • No workflow management control in budgeting process

For Financial Consolidation (especially for group company and public listed)

  • Financial consolidation process is very difficult
  • No automation in financial consolidation process
  • No Accurate Consolidated Reports
  • Transparency and fraud risk
  • Frequent change in their group structure

Then you need Enterprise Performance Management solution


Why invest in an agile planning solution?

Firms enjoying best-in-class performance share several common characteristics*

  • 86% are more likely than All Others to have integrated business systems that act as a complete and auditable system of record
  • 69% of the best-in-class companies have a centralized repository for financial or performance data
  • 68% of the best-in-class companies have the ability to reforecast as market conditions change
  • 63% of the best-in-class companies have access to predictive analytics
  • 62% of best-in-class companies have established enterprise wide collaboration from the top down and bottom up


SAP Business Planning & Consolidation (BPC)





Business planning

  • Budgeting
  • Sales/revenue planning
  • Capital expenditure planning
  • Headcount/staffing
  • Expense planning
  • Cash flow/liquidity planning


  • Intercompany matching/reconciliation 
  • Intercompany eliminations
  • Management roll-ups
  • Legal consolidation

Forecasting and consensus building

  • Rolling forecasts
  • Continuous planning
  • Collaboration
  • Predictive Modelling 

Financial reporting and analysis

  • Ad hoc
  • Variance analysis
  • Driver analysis (industry, growth, capacity, etc.)


  • Engage across Finance and beyond with Microsoft Excel, HTML5 and mobile interfaces
  • Rapidly deploy a best practice solution with packaged industry and functional content
  • Reduce implementation time and costs leveraging the HANA Enterprise Cloud and subscription pricing


  • Achieve better results by quickly identifying true business drivers and planning accordingly
  • Increase forecast accuracy leveraging embedded predictive capabilities of SAP HANA
  • Plan at any level of detail and shrink consolidated financial reporting time leveraging the SAP HANA real-time platform


  • Save time and reduce errors with a single, integrated solution for planning and consolidations
  • Lower cost of ownership and reduce data duplication with ability to leverage existing BW data warehouse objects
  • Improve consistency with direct access to master data and actuals in SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA


SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning – Core Workflow

Derived Improvement Via Automation (DIVA)

1.A Complete Solution with ease to Use
  • Over 950 companies selected us their Financial/Accounting solution, resulted top market share in Japan. No training required, if you know Excel you can use DIVA
2.High ROI, Very Cost Effective
  • High ROI is the most important as the DIVAs value
  • No need a high license and implementation cost. DIVA can provide non-customized solution for automated customer business process over 90%
  • License and Maintenance fee are much reasonable compared with competitors
3.End-to-End expert Support
  • Supporting not only DivaSystem but also accounting practices as well. CPA holders and highly experienced experts help customers to solve operational and system issues)
4.Free Version Upgrades
  • Our version upgrades are completely free and part of our support/maintenance fee