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Content & Collaboration

Newgen’s Image Enablement solution for ERP’s provides added benefits to the Operational Heads and Business Users from their respective ERP modules (Finance, HR, Procurement etc.)

The global technology landscape is witnessing an era of digital transformation. Initially driven by compliance requirements, digitization and process automation have now moved center stage. Enterprises today need business agility to respond to the changing market dynamics. Business success demands enhanced customer experience, faster delivery of services/products to customers, enhanced process transparency, and better compliance levels. Enterprises – large and small, are investing in technology solutions that can drive differentiation. Success will depend on how well you can optimize your IT expenditure. By investing in innovative technologies businesses can ensure continuous adaptation to changes, and also avoid huge recurring investments in restructuring their IT infrastructures.

As the Digital Transformation revolution evolves, there will be increased traction for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Communication Management (CCM) solutions, across business verticals.

Benefits from Newgen Solutions

  • Productivity Enhancement
  • Cost Reduction
  • Meeting Compliance Requirements
  • Process visibility
  • 360-degree Business Activity Monitoring

Newgen Differentiators

  • Comprehensive Suite with strong Document Management, Imaging, Scanning, Records Management and BPM capabilities
  • Graphical Process Modeler empowering business users to take ownership of their business processes
  • Scalable for managing billions of documents
  • Strong Technical Capabilities
  • Certified Records Management to comply with regulatory and legal policies

Banking Vision 2020

How would you like to transact with your bank in 2020? On vacation – relaxing on a beach, from your home or on the go? Most of us would prefer all three where time, place and medium don’t matter. Today, Banks are adapting to changing consumer behavior and are focusing on building new channels for interacting and transacting with them. The millennials in particular prefer banking anywhere, anytime and is therefore demanding innovative methods for availing banking services.


  • Operational Efficiency and Wider Reach
  • Cost Reduction
  • De-risked process to comply to Basel II norms
  • Enable the Bank to launch new product variants/ process variants through quick and economical changes in the Workflow layer, rather than in the core systems

e-Gov Office Automation

Newgen Solutions for Government enterprises leverage our expertise in Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Case Management. The solutions offer capabilities to:-

  • Reform Government-to-Government operations.
  • Enhance Government-to-Citizen interactions.
  • Transform Government-to-Business transactions.

The solutions are designed to help them ‘deliver more with less’. The solutions are tailored to enhance citizen engagement, boost revenue generation, optimize workforce collaboration and provide sustainable growth.Newgen enables Government agencies to leverage the power of Cloud, Social and Mobile computing

CUP - Configurable Unified Platform 

  • Why Configurable?
  • Faster Go to Market ensures faster product roll-out and rapid business expansion with quick adaption to market needs
  • Invest once & configure for life. One-time investment in one solution that lets you configure to offer new loan types/ processes -all from one single platform 
  • Why Unified?
  • Straight Through Processing Reduce data redundancy and needless manual intervention through end-to-end automation of loan lifecycle
  • Fix Broken Lending Processes Achieve seamless business information flow across departments by integrating diverse applications across departments as well as third parties
  • Why Platform?
  • Surviving with Legacy Build on top of legacy systems to leverage existing investments while addressing inherent limitations
  • Automate & Scale Add rapid scalability to business to enter new market/expand in existing market by quickly adapting to market needs through end-to-end automation


About Newgen

Newgen Software is a leading global vendor/provider of Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM), Document Management System (DMS), Workflow and Process Automation software. The company has a global footprint of 1300+ installations in over 61 countries with large, mission-critical solutions that have been deployed at the world's leading Banks, Insurance firms, BPO’s, Healthcare Organizations, Government, Telecom Companies & Shared Service Centers. Newgen Software Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Newgen Software Technologies Ltd. - Leader in ECM, BPM, CCM and Case Management space.