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SAP HCM Solusi HR & Payroll software dari SOLTIUS Indonesia

SAP HCM adalah solusi HR software & payroll software dari SOLTIUS Indonesia untuk membantu proses human resources perusahaan Anda menjadi lebih baik dengan SDM yang tepat. Apa saja keuntungan menggunakan SAP HCM HR Software & Payroll Software dari SOLTIUS Indonesia? 

Keuntungan menggunakan SAP HCM Payroll & HR Software SOLTIUS :


  • HR Software Soltius Indonesia Mendukung proses manajemen kepegawaian terbaik.
  • Seluruh data tersimpan di sistem SAP - HR Software Indonesia, tidak perlu spreadsheet Excel dan dokumen Words yang tidak teratur dan tidak terjaga keamanannya yang berserakan di sejumlah komputer.
  • Meningkatkan kinerja perusahaan melalui penggunaan HR Software Indonesia sehingga pengelolaan dan penyelarasan tujuan dan strategi lintas divisi lebih mudah.
  • Menekan resiko bisnis dengan mendukung identifikasi, pengembangan, dan perencanaan suksesi para individu dengan performa terbaik.
  • Mengelola sumber daya dalam Talent Groups atau Successor Pools melalui penggunaan HR Software Soltius Indonesia.
  • Melibatkan karyawan dengan menciptakan framework untuk mengelola pengembangan karir mereka.
  • Menghitung sistem penggajian termasuk pajak PPh dan BPJS dan mencetak e-slip 
  • HR Software Indonesia merekam absensi, jam kerja, lembur dan cuti karyawan



SOLTIUS adalah Platinum Certified SAP Channel Partner & Value-Added Reseller, serta SAP Value Added Reseller Support Centre. Kualitas layanan implementasi.SOLTIUS SAP juga didukung dengan status sebagai Certified National Implementation Partner. Juga menjadi partner resmi beberapa solusi IT lainnya. 

SAP HCM Solutions can help Human Resources Process

Have a problem for integrate all of your human resources proccess ?

SAP HCM give you the best solutions

  • Workforce Planning
  • Recruiting Marketing
  • Recruiting Management
  • Personnel Administrations Organization Management
  • Onboarding
  • Time Management
  • Payrolls Benefit Management
  • Performance & Goals
  • Compensation
  • Learning
  • Succession & Development
  • Workforce Analytics

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Workforce Planning & Analytics

Allow you to :

  • Improve planning, both at strategic and operational level
  • Monitor key metrics to check the pulse of an organization
  • React efficiently to emerging workforce problems

Goals & Performance

A major element of goal execution is the goal execution process itself. It requires the whole organization the entire business cycle or longer to execute on the strategic objectives. Ensuring everyone is bought how to carry out the strategy on a daily basis and monitoring the progress and course correcting execution as required. 


  • Find the Right Successors with Talent Search and Nominations
  • Identify Potential Talent Gaps
  • Career Planning & Development
  • Create Development Plans for All Employees
  • Dev planning wizard

Organization Management

  • Display the organization with time period selection
  • As a basis for the installation or use of other components such as: Personnel Development, Compensation Planning and Workflow

Recruitment Management

  • Recruitment Management is used to manage all recruitment processes that is done in the system.
  • Flexible recruitment processes according to the business process.
  • Drag & Drop Capabilities to move applicant to next stage.
  • Interview result that is inputted and diagram to display the comparison between applicant.

Time Management

Information for each employee working times (Work Schedule, Absences, Attendances, Annual Leave Quota, Clock-In/Clock-Out) is used to calculate gross wages in Payroll Accounting and information related to employee attendance such as Productive Hours, Absence Hours, Working Hours and etc

Mobile View

Anytime, Anywhere
Every employee has access - everywhere, all the time, on their advice of choice

Learning Management System

Innovative, Unique Social Leaning

  • Easy to publish and collaborate
  • Increases innovation
  • Exams/Assessments
  • Collaborative groups and communities
  • Abel to track the progress of your employee
  • Offer course recommendations and ratings

Personnel Administration

Manage resources for optimal effectiveness and strategic impact with clear global insight into talent, process consistency, and complience with legal requirements

  • Set up standard personnel admin system in multiple countries using country-spesific versions
  • Store time and date stamped information on employess
  • Standard reports availbale to evaluate data
  • Documents can be scanned and archived

Recruitment Marketing

  • Recruiting Marketing is used as a website builder to help promoting job opportunities.
  • Connect to linkedIn or Facebook to retrieve basic data of the user to help ease input data.


  • Manage compensation easily: Intuitive, configurable processes for base and variable pay have simple, accurate, streamlined workflows.
  • Eliminate manager bias: Performance-based calibration across the company improves fairness and retention.
  • Increase insight with metrics: Dashboards and reports can be combined with other business data for total employee compensation analysis.
  • Improve budget and regulatory compliance: Automated monitoring and built-in reports keep payouts in line with budgets and regulations.

Indonesia Payroll

Fully compliance of standard taxation requirements

  • SPT form 1721 A1 and e-SPT
  • Gross-based payroll and Net-based payroll
  • Expatriate payroll
  • Employees joining mid year with previous employment tax information
  • Multiple transfers between branches / subsidiaries in a tax year

Jamsostek & BPJS

  • Fully supports different deduction rates for JKK (Accident Insurance)
  • Monthly reports and annual report

Other types of insurances

  • Other types of insurances (Pension Plan, Life Insurance, TASPEN, ASKES) can be supported through a standard infotype designed for this purpose. Subsequently it will be processed in Payroll run


SuccessFactors Onboarding takes a fresh approach to onboarding. Through a process that is easy, automatic, and personal, SuccessFactors Onboarding improves first-year retention and reduces ramp time by focusing on three key areas

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