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Organizations are currently collecting tremendous data. Thanks to the internet and all of the ways technology is changing (eg. ERP), analytics and data mining have never been more important.

Businesses are under constant pressure to innovate due to the increasing competition, and customers have become more demanding. So, to survive, leaders & managers must make the best decisions promptly to respond to market-driven forces.

Organizations can utilize ANALYTICS to analyze data from a variety of sources, find patterns within datasets to enable you to predict trends in the future, monitor KPIs and these trends as well as to support decisions based on the most current information.

There will be various analytics solutions that you may utilize and there are number of factors that we need to consider such as:


  • What are the source systems to be used for Analytics?

  • How many business users will use Analytics?

  • Cloud or on-premise deployment?

  • How big is your data to be analyzed in GB or TB?

  • How long is your data duration for analytics in years?

  • What KPIs or Measurements will you be using? For example: Fill Rate %, On Time Delivery, Sales Growth %, etc.


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