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Jan 14, 2020 - Jan 29, 2028
Top Resolutions For A New Decade Of Opportunity For Midsize Businesses

Nothing beats the anticipation felt at the beginning of a new decade. From reflecting on the past to predicting what will come, it’s a moment that most people seize to recharge, dream, and set a plan for a future of prosperity and growth. Looking at the possibilities ahead, I couldn’t avoid noticing a recent prediction from IDC: a growing number of small and midsize businesses will successfully adopt an experience-centric...

Jan 1, 2020 - Jan 1, 2029
Go Live Announcement - PAYFAZZ

  SOLTIUS GO-LIVE ANNOUNCEMENT Great news from PAYFAZZ – SAP S/4HANA Implementation Project on 2nd Januari 2020. . Fazz Financial Group is a fast-growing financial service and financial technology company group. One of their leading service is Payfazz, a digital wallet for everyday online transactions. Payfazz is developed on agency-based financial platform, as a payment solution without bank. In October 2019, Payfazz was awa...

Dec 4, 2019 - Dec 4, 2025
Go Live Announcement - Rodamas Group

Great news from Rodamas – Migration Suite on HANA (SoH) Implementation Project! On 4th December 2019, we are proudly to announce to you that Rodamas are successfully Migrate to ECC 6 EHP 8 Suite on HANA, and it has run as targeted. . Rodamas acts as the central hub for a global array of industry leaders. It open areas in a wide range of industries and product categories and provides the critical central connection to the local Indonesia...

Dec 1, 2019 - Dec 1, 2025
Soltius Family Fun Walk 2019

Soltius mengadakan acara Family Fun Walk untuk pertama kalinya pada hari Minggu 1 Desember 2019 yang bertempat di Jogging track GBK– Senayan Jakarta. Acara yang diperuntukkan untuk karyawan soltius ini juga diramaikan dengan keluarga besar yang turut diundang untuk ikut serta.  Dimulai dengan registrasi ulang serta pembagian jus segar,  acara dimulai sekitar 06.30 dibuka dengan speech  oleh pak Tico, beliau mengutarakan...

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