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Collaborative Project - PT Intecs Teknikatama Industri


Project Name: Warehouse Management System on Mendix

Customer Highlight:

PT Intecs Teknikatama Industri, is a national company was established since July 1, 1997.We have specialized ourselves in the Equipment Lubrication, Filtration, Fluid Management and Fire Suppression to support the maintenance operations of the mining and general industry sectors of Indonesia. PT Intecs Teknikatama Industri, as a world class and respected company is committed to provide the best quality products, service and engineering solutions for our customers. Intecs strives to be a reliable and sustainable partner to increase customer productivity and efficiency with reasonable cost. Supporting quality brands with reliable after sales service is the key to delivering the best results demanded by the Indonesian market.

Solution Benefit For Company:

PT Intecs Teknikatama Industri chose to implement Soltius SOLID WMS to improve processes, increase accuracy and efficiency that integrated with their current SAP ERP.

Soltius is honored to be trusted and to contribute to this Business & Digital Transformation Journey!

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