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Go-Live Announcement - PAYFAZZ


Great news from PAYFAZZ – SAP S/4HANA Implementation Project on 2nd Januari 2020.
Fazz Financial Group is a fast-growing financial service and financial technology company group. One of their leading service is Payfazz, a digital wallet for everyday online transactions. Payfazz is developed on agency-based financial platform, as a payment solution without bank. In October 2019, Payfazz was awarded as one of Y Combinator Top 100 Companies. Other financial services from Payfazz are Billfazz (PPOB partner), Cashfazz (PPOB application), Loanfazz (financing solution), Sellfazz (POS solution), and Fazzmart (retail).
PAYFAZZ has implemented SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) on AWS Environment, with several modules implemented and interface from middleware application.
Once again, congratulation for all who involved in this project!

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