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Go Live Announcement - PT Tigaraksa Satria – Principal Intelligence Dashboard

Great news from Tigaraksa Satria – Principal Intelligence Dashboard

We are pleased to informed the GO LIVE of Principal Intelligence Dashboard at Tigaraksa Satria on July 20, 2020


Customer Highlight 

The company's Good Corporate Governance, consisting of several interrelated components include the Audit Committee, the Internal Audit Team, Risk Managment, Whistle Blower System, and the Code of Business Conduct. The Board of Commissioners oversees its implementation through routine meetings with the Management as well as with the Audit Committee. The Management continuously improves its control system in compliance with the standards and regulations of a public company.

The Company strives to apply the best GCG principles which include:

  • Transparency Principle

Openness in carrying out the decision making process and disclosing material and relevant information about the Company.

  • Principle of Independence

The company is managed professionally without conflict of interest and influence or pressure from any party, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Principle of Accountability

There is clarity in the function, implementation and accountability of the Company's Organs so that the Company's management is carried out effectively.

  • Principle of Liability

Compliance with GCG principles in the management of the Company with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Principle of Fairness
  • Fairness and equality in fulfilling the rights of the stakeholders based on agreements and applicable laws and regulations.

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