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Soltius & Systema Partnership

We are excited to announce the partnership between Soltius Indonesia and SYSTEMA - Art of Automation to bring Industry 4.0 solutions to Indonesia’s leading manufacturers.

SYSTEMA - Art of Automation, a German company with a rich 30-year legacy, empowers manufacturers worldwide to elevate their operations through innovative software solutions and expert automation consulting. With a global team of over 200 skilled employees, we bring the mastery of automation to transform businesses into success stories.

Further, SYSTEMA - Art of Automation has expanded its horizons to Indonesia and is here to help.

Soltius Indonesia is a leading SAP partner in Indonesia with 25 years of experience implementing SAP for Indonesia’s leading manufacturer. Soltius continues to be the advocate for Digital Transformation and partnering with Global Solution providers to bring Intelligent Enterprise solutions to Indonesia.

Stay tuned for our upcoming digital road show and webinar series and book your direct appointment with

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