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Why is Cloud ERP?

If you are not familiar with cloud ERP then this is a very good question and one we have been addressing with customers this week.


Cloud ERP – is it for me?

As your fledgling business begins to take off this might not be the first question you type into Google. Perhaps a better one might be – How do I use technology to grow faster? or What do I need in order to scale?

The answer is of course Cloud ERP and we have just hosted a Webinar which explains exactly what that means! Once you understand the basic concepts, you are in a much better place to tell if this is something which would suit you right now. With the terminology nailed, you can then go online and find as much information as you need, as I am sure you will!

But to save you a little time and to point you in the right direction – here is a brief look at what we talked about.

Cloud ERP – An Integrated Suite

The manual processes and disjointed systems which have grown up as you went along will eventually inhibit growth. Leading to

  • Inefficient workflows
  • Making it difficult to scale
  • No single source of truth and lack of visibility end to end
  • Hard to meet evolving customer expectations
  • Inability to leverage the latest technologies

What can cloud ERP deliver?

  • It can turn growth potential into real results
  • Connect core functions and people
  • Give you the foundation to scale without complexity or cost
  • Grow your business your way

Why cloud?

  • Access your business information anywhere from any device
  • Collaborate and share information across sites and countries
  • No on-premise computer hardware
  • Plug in and go – access software via the internet

SAP Business ByDesign

There are many brands of cloud ERP which are suitable for growing small and medium sized businesses (SME) – we recommend Business ByDesign from SAP which was designed specifically to be accessed via the cloud with your kind of business in mind. Here are some facts about it.

  • Quick to implement
  • Low cost- Predictable pricing
  • Targeted aps with functionality on the go
  • Embedded analytics out of the box
  • Scales from 20 – 10,000 users without constraints
  • Open interfaces for straightforward integration
  • Straight forward to configure

If you would like to know more then you have come to the right place.

Please contact to find out more or to go ahead and book a demo.


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