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PT Biggy Cemerlang

Aswin Wahyudi and Gouw Ok San
President Director and Management Representative IT Manager

PT Biggy Cemerlang

An integrated system that controls the entire business process more effective and efficient is PT Biggy Cemerlang’s key to success.

Success is when your consumer satisfied on the reliable product that you sell. It is the value holds by any manufacturing companies nowadays in the era of tight competition. Those who manage to bring consumer satisfaction by providing the best quality product and service are those who will lead in the business.

The very same value guides Aswin Wahyudi, President Director of PT Biggy Cemerlang, in leading his company. As one of the main player in plastic products, PT Biggy Cemerlang places customer satisfaction towards its products and services as the most important factor in doing business.

Established since 1992, PT Biggy Cemerlang caters domestic demands of plastic made products for promotional purpose. The company’s manufacturing facility in North Jakarta produces child ware products, drinking bottle, storage ware, tableware, container, and kitchenware used by many well-known food and beverage companies in Indonesia. “We also make home appliance products but not that many,” Aswin says.

Now, PT Biggy Cemerlang has made millions of products with new models coming each month designed by the company’s internal creative team based on customer’s preference. “We make so much design it’s difficult to put them on a catalogue. Each is made according to the latest trends and customer’s preference,” Aswin says.

SAP Business One for a fast and reliable system

To make sure the company’s value to make their customer satisfied, Aswin sees the importance of an integrated system support that could ensure business process to run smooth.

Aswin says the system should be reliable and efficient. When supporting the company’s marketing process for example, the system should be able to provide marketing data requested by the marketing unit such as purchase order, inventory, types of product ordered, and shipping schedule, through a simple click on the computer.

This was the background that makes PT Biggy Cemerlang to decide upgrading their system to a fully computerized IT system in 2006. “Control should be easily done through the system,” Aswin says.

After doing a small research, the company figured out the best system to be implemented, which is the SAP Business One. With a proven track record, the system suits well with PT Biggy Cemerlang business characteristics.

PT Biggy Cemerlang use almost all module from SAP, from administration module, financial, sales, production, to inventory. “We have it all except the human resource module in the SAP Business One,” says Ok San, Management Representative IT Manager of PT Biggy Cemerlang.

For the company, taking SAP Business One was the right decision. The company immediately felt various benefit after SAP Business One becomes the main supporting system.

Aswin says that controlling business process becomes more effective and efficient with SAP Business One. He no longer needs to look for error since the system will immediately shows it. That’s not all, performance control on each division can be done easily. And since everything is computerized, after using SAP Business One the company has reduced paper usage.

“After using SAP, I always love the first day of the month. If it’s on Monday, I will get the sales report directly. There I could see how much revenue the company generates. Although I can also see the report on each day or week,” says Aswin.

SAP Business One does not directly improve the company sales. However it enables the company to be more responsive, which is an important factor to grow sales. Moreover, as an integrated system, SAP Business One could provide better control to customer service.

SOLTIUS as the best implementation partner

PT SOLTIUS Indonesia, part of the Metrodata Group, was PT Biggy Cemerlang’s implementation partner when the company adopts SAP Business One. The company decided to partner with SOLTIUS because it is part of Metrodata Group that gives service satisfaction guarantee. “Their Brand is well-known, that’s why we didn’t consider others, especially those who just recently established,” Aswin says.

For Aswin, it is Metrodata Group extensive customer portfolio and best experts that make sure that the implementation of SAP Business One in his company was done successfully. Experts’ support is a very significant factor in selecting implementation partner, so each problem met during the implementation process could be well addressed.

The implementation process of SAP Business One in PT Biggy Cemerlang was done shortly in about six months. It started in June 2006 and went live in December. However the process remain challenging. “But it is more because of our IT team has not yet familiar with SAP Business One. Aside than that, we have a lot to prepare for the implementation process,” says Ok San.

Once the implementation process completed, the next challenge was the shifting from the old system to SAP Business One. Ok San explains that they have to provide trainings to user who were not used to using computer. This process took quite a time.

“During the first three months our users still use the manual system and SAP Business One. But after that we shift entirely to SAP Business One and see what’s missing and whether the new system work or not,” Ok San says.

For Aswin, all is about habits. That is why the company never stopped to encourage its entire people to participate in the shifting. “Change is something inevitable and also necessary. Without it, the company will be left behind. It will not grow anywhere. Challenges will always follows when striving to improve sales and to gain success,” he says.

The toughest challenge in dealing with habit, Aswin and Ok San describe, is mostly at the user level. While at the manager level, the challenge is not that hard to overcome. All of the effort from the entire team was fruitful. After a year since it went live, SAP Business One has become a success factor that support PT Biggy Cemerlang entire business process.

Both Aswin and Ok San are satisfied with SOLTIUS. During the implementation process, they say, SOLTIUS was very helpful. “We have no complaint so far, they’re expert in this,” Aswin says.

Aswin hope that PT Biggy Cemerlang could continue the good relationship with SOLTIUS in other projects in the future. For SOLTIUS, PT Biggy Cemerlang is one of their loyal customer they have today.


Trading & Distribution


  • No IT system that support the company operation.
  • Time costly reporting process


  • The company shifted to IT system from manual system that enables them to integrate the entire information processing. 


  • Integrated data
  • On-time data reporting
  • Ability on real time analysis and control 


Improved Performance with Integrated System