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PT Global Jaya Medika

Mohammad Ridwan Husni
President Director

PT Global Jaya Medika

PT Global Jaya Medika (GJM) is one of the leader among few Indonesian companies in the health equipment business. Established in 2009, the company distributes imports and local made health equipment for specialists, hospitals, clinics, and universities. To improve customer satisfaction, PT Global Jaya Medika took a strategic move: to integrate its business process.

Mohammad Ridwan Husni, President Director of PT Global Jaya Medika, says that the company’s key success is that it offers a wide range of products. “That what makes us able to compete and beat the market. Our product line extends from emergency to surgery equipment,” says Ridwan.
Now, as the business network has grown nation-wide, PT Global Jaya Medika is implementing SAP Business One as its business infrastructure backbone to optimize service quality.

Customer Satisfaction Oriented
PT Global Jaya Medika's decision to implement SAP Business One is in line with the company vision, which is to become the leading health equipment distributor company in Indonesia. To get there, PT Global Jaya Medika is focusing on three missions.

First is product quality. PT Global Jaya Medika aims to provide its customer with quality product from reputable and capable manufacturers. The customer is protected with official product guarantee from the manufacturer. The second mission is to continuously expanding the market by promotion in website and actively involved in exhibitions both domestic and international. Third is improving after sales service. For PT Global Jaya Medika, customer satisfaction from the product sold is number one.

To complete the mission, GJM requires a solid management system. That is why GJM decided to implement SAP Business One as one of its main business infrastructure. “If the company is well managed, sales process would be easier and customer service will improve,” Ridwan says.

Prior to implementing SAP Business One, Ridwan says the company often deals with problems such as no real-time financial report or inventory system that is not connected with accounting. No real-time and hard to access inventory status is another example. Not to mention inaccuracy in COGS calculation and inability to do cost allocation to each purchased item.

There are many integrated applications in the market. However, Ridwan, is keener to SAP Business One. Ridwan then seek more information regarding SAP Business One. Ridwan knows SAP from the billboards he found in the airports.

After inviting several implementation partners to discuss and do presentation, GJM decided to partner with PT SOLTIUS Indonesia (SOLTIUS), a subsidiary of Metrodata Group and implementation partner of SAP Business One with well know companies. The implementation took 3.5 months, starting April and went live in mid-July 2013.

There are eight integrated functions implemented in PT Global Jaya Medika, which are Purchasing, Sales Opportunities, Sales, Inventory, Banking, Bill of Material for Template Item, Financials, and Service. With the eight integrated functions implemented, the result is immediate. The Sales Opportunity feature, for example, can be used to monitor sales process (customer approach). With this module, the company is able to know customer interest to certain products, and the value that can be sold to customer. The module is also able to monitor each stage in sales. While with the inventory module, management could directly monitor the flow of goods. Every item has its serial number so status of each item could be known real-time. “Our sales network is nation-wide, then it is important for us to have the data and the status of the products we are selling,” Ridwan says.

Ridwan explains, customer service is important for the company. After buying a product, a customer will get installation, training, and repair if the product is damaged. “That is why customer data is important. Who bought the product? Who are the users? With SAP Business One we are able to track those things” Ridwan says.

With all the improvements it doesn’t mean that SAP Business One implementation in PT Global Jaya Medika is without constraints. The biggest challenge, Ridwan says, is changing employee mindset to the new system. “This is natural, people needs to adapt to changes,” Ridwan says.

Choosing SOLTIUS
Ridwan has no doubts when he decided to choose SOLTIUS as implementer partner because of its reputation. Moreover, SOLTIUS is a subsidiary of Metrodata Group.
Ridwan took the right decision. During the implementation process, SOLTIUS is able to deliver the best solution and willing to listen the problems facing by PT Global Jaya Medika. “After go live, the staff at SOLTIUS remain in contact, this is good,” Ridwan says.

Now, with SAP Business One as one of the main business infrastructure at PT Global Jaya Medika, Ridwan is optimistic to achieve the company vision, to become Indonesia’s leading health equipment distributor.

Trading & Distribution


  • Island base management process system
  • Financial report takes time
  • Inventory system that is hard and takes time to access
  • Inaccurate data
  • No customer data


  • Management is willing to change the system so business process can be clear and controlled. Modules used are Purchase, Sales Opportunities, Sales, Inventory, and Banking, Bill of Material for Template Item, Financials, and Service.


  • Real-time reporting & integrated data
  • Ability to analyze, control, and take accurate and fast decision
  • Able to real-time tracking the flow of goods through one system & receivables collection monitoring
  • Cut business process
  • Sales opportunity status is monitored and able to predict the amount of sales that could be followed up by any sales person


Integrated Business Process - Improving Customer Satisfaction