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PT Innoware Indonesia

Cirelus Hartono
Managing Director

PT Innoware Indonesia

As growing company, PT Innoware Indonesia is striving for perfection in business performance. One of the key efforts: Innoware Indonesia is optimizing IT use to integrate and synergize all of its growth potential.

“It is essential for our company growth” Cirelus Hartono, Managing Director PT Innoware Indonesia, says on the benefit of adopting SAP Business One in his company.
In less than five years, Innoware manages to become one of the most significant plastic packaging and container manufacturers in Indonesia. Its products – which are plastic packaging, container, promotion, and thermoforming cup for food and non-food product – has scored of national and multinational companies trust. The company also successfully expanded their market abroad.
To guarantee customer satisfaction, the company is using the latest technology such as in mould labeling, injection molding, blow molding, heat transfer heating and in house mould making facility. It has also embrace international standards like ISO 9001:2008, Sgp Audit and ISO 22000:2005.
The company’s head office is located in Kramat Sentiong, Central Jakarta. Meanwhile, its factory and warehouse is at the Jatake industrial area in Tangerang. “In the near future we are also opening another factory in Cikupa, Tangerang,” Hartono says.

Integrated Solutions System for Real Time Data
Before using SAP Business One, Innoware Indonesia had different system installed in its main office, factory and warehouse. “Each was independent, disintegrated and not online,” Hartono says about the problem Innoware had with the old system.
Some of his customers recommended him to use SAP Business One. With the system could improve the management system to be more integrated. “I look into their business and they manage to control their nationwide distribution. They could also monitor their warehouse. I never thought of that,” Hartono says.
“I wasn’t mistaken. This is what we need,” he says.

Partnering with PT SOLTIUS Indonesia
After the company decides to implement SAP Business One, the next step is to choose the right implementer. The company then decided to partner with PT SOLTIUS Indonesia. Looking at SOLTIUS Indonesia proven track record, Hartono is convinced because SOLTIUS is part of Metrodata Group. “Metrodata brand is a guarantee. Metrodata is a great company in Indonesia,” Hartono says.

Later, Hartono says that it is a perfect decision to partner with SOLTIUS Indonesia. “They are willing to understand us, teach us. We need expert like them,” he says.

With SOLTIUS Indonesia, Innoware design a specific SAP Business One. The system implementation is done in five stages and four months period to fully implement.

Innoware Indonesia applied six modules in implementing SAP Business One, which are purchase module (purchase quotation-invoice), sales module (sales opportunity, sales quotation-invoice), inventory module (inventory movement, warehouse, batch), banking module (payment process), financial module (general ledger, accounting process) and production module (production process, light manufacturing).
Innoware Indonesia also uses several add-ons in its modules. In the production module, soL:dAllocation is used to automatically readjust the allocation of cost from the main product to by-product.

In inventory module the soL:dConvert is used to do 1 step conversion conversion of grade to batch, and vice versa.

People Change
“I made them understand. They see that the company is growing, new machineries means growing sales. Growing sales means more duties. More duties will create more problems. SAP Business One will make easier for them in addressing those problems,” Hartono says.
During the transition process from the old system to SAP Business One, there were lots of data that needs to be transferred and updated. All the employees that involved in the SAP Business One implementation showed high enthusiasm.

What happened when the system ‘go live’?
“It’s incomparable between the old system and the SAP Business One. Now you just need to press a button whenever you want to see finance report,” Hartono smiles in satisfaction. Everything is real time and integrated. With the current single system everything from monitoring warehouse stock, production capacity, distribution allocation, sales to financial condition is available. Things that took quite a long time to check, such as checking production and sales report, can now be done instantly.

With SAP Business One the management could monitor and manage every essential aspect in the company more effective. Thus, decision-making process should be faster.

Innoware Indonesia aims to make business relations with its customers an exciting experience. This is also part of Innoware commitment in maintaining its product quality consistency. With the implementation of SAP Business One in his company, Hartono is more convinced to continue Innoware Indonesia’s business motto, “Committed to Serve You Better”.

Trading & Distribution


  • Non-integrated application
  • Long preparation for reports and data
  • Some paperwork are still manually done


SAP Business One

  • Purchasing (purchase quotation-invoice)
  • Sales(sales opportunity, sales quotation-invoice)
  • Inventory (inventory movement, warehouse, batch)
  • Banking (payment process)
  • Financial (general ledger, accounting process)
  • Production (production process, product costing)

SOLTIUS solution for Manufacturing

  • Product cost allocation to main and by product
  • Grade conversion



Committed to Serve Customer Better