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PT. M Class Industry

Jimmy Susanto Chandra
Finance & Accounting Manager

PT. M Class Industry

With the help from SAP Business One ERP solution, PT. M Class Industry is set to grow its M type roof tile business even bigger.

PT. M Class Industry (M Class) first introduced The M type roof tile in 1997. What the M type got more to offer is it use interlock system in its installation, making it stronger and stable. Its durability is guaranteed up to 50 years and it comes in various non-wares off color and glazing.

The company, which is part of Wings Group construction division, also continuously expanding its distribution reaches. M Class Industry Director at that time, Djakaria Gozali, says that the effort is running well, thanks to the support of the company’s main distributors.

PT. Sayap Mas Utama is responsible for the company’s product distribution in western Indonesia, while the eastern part is oversees by PT. Wings Surya. M Class directly deals with export market with the help from some agents in several countries in Asia, such as Malaysia, India, and the Philippines.

The Need of an Integrated System
There are more and more things to be done, and it needs to be done fast and well integrated. The company is using IT system to cope with the growing needs relying on an in-house IT system to support its operation

Jimmy Susanto Chandra, Finance & Accounting Manager PT. M Class Industry, says that the disintegrated system often caused varied data and duplicates. The condition got more complicated without the existence of Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) they need to control and estimate inventory. “What we want is a single data source. While with the disintegrated system, each division deals with their own data. The ideal is to have one transaction source, one time registry and reporting,” Jimmy says.

"With such condition that requires fast respond, disintegrated system would slow down decision making process and even could cause wrong decision due to inaccessible data,” Djakaria says.

SAP Business One Fits Your Needs and Flexible
M Class Industry IT Team then suggests the company’s manager to implement the software Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. With the approval from the board, M Class Industry IT team explored some ERP solution to rely. And SAP was chosen to be among the candidates. The decision went to  SAP Business One (SBO).

The SAP Business One is an ERP solution package designed for Medium-Sized Business (SMB), although it is also suitable for a bigger scale company. The package contains modules for sales, customer relationship, inventory, operational, finance, and human resources.

“SAP Business One has the best features and fits our need", Jimmy says. He also adds that the use of paper could be minimize or even becoming paperless with the use of SBO since the data is stored in server instead of printout.

In choosing the right ERP solution, M Class has several non-negotiable criteria’s. The product should be a well-known product; the implementation period should not be consuming too much time; the reliable support for the product and also the existence of community that use the product. Its sister company, which is PT. Siam Indo, already uses the same system with positive track record as well. And even the holding company is using SAP. “With SAP we hope our business consolidation could easily be done,” Djakaria says.

Partnering with SOLTIUS Indonesia as System Implementer
To get the SAP Business One running, M Class still needs to find the right partner to implement the system. It should have a good track record, experience in implementing the system to similar companies in the manufacturing business, and has a team that could work together with the company.

After a tight selection process, M Class appointed PT SOLTIUS Indonesia (SOLTIUS) to do the job. SOLTIUS is an ERP consultant and part of Metrodata business group. The company is a well-known SAP implementer in the country specializing in medium-sized company and corporation. It is also certified as GoldSAP’s Channel Partner & Value Added Reseller and certified SAP’s Value Added Reseller Support Centre.

SOLTIUS understands and focuses on business process best practices in various business sectors and has strong experience on those sectors. Time would then prove that the decision is right.

Fast Implementation and Effective Result
With SOLTIUS' help, M Class is able to implement SBO in a short period. Jimmy also states his satisfaction with SOLTIUS team dedication, which proactively delivers their service and accommodating the demand. “In this project we are lucky to work with a dedicated team who are willing to work extra miles,” Jimmy says.

Jimmy says the implementation period was the most difficult part and it took extra effort aside the routine task that needs to be done. “Our enemy was time and commitment,” he says.

The biggest challenge in implementing the ERP often comes from dealing with the gap between the current system and SAP’s. “We solve it with the best solution possible. The team from SOLTIUS accommodates our needs. If the step is to long, we cut it, if the system standard is unavailable, then we follow what needs to be done,” Jimmy tells the story.

Almost all modules in the SBO are available for used by M Class: for finance and accounting, inventory, purchasing, sales, production, and cost allocation.

Now, M Class has begun to feel the benefit. One of the processes that became more efficient is in the accounting division. The system is not just for making records, it is also available for analysis and control, sharing information and reducing double data entries.

“This is good and as we expected, which is a fast decision making for manufacturing operational and commercial,” Jimmy says.

M Class currently has 20 SAP Business One users. M Class confident that the application of SAP Business One will further improve their operational capability to always maintain its M type roof tile product quality and maintain customer satisfaction.

Trading & Distribution


  • Non-integrated application
  • Reporting that takes a long time
  • Some paperwork are still manually done
  • Data varies and duplication


  • The company chose SAP Business One to integrate all its information management. The application: Purchasing, Inventory, Sales and Delivery, Production, and Financials.


  • Integrated data
  • Faster decision making process
  • Shorten business process steps
  • Approval is done in the system and can be monitored 
  • Provide analysis and control
  • Paperless system


A Solution for Fast and Precise Decision Making