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PT Mitra Buana Elok

Sheila Lesmana
General Manager

PT Mitra Buana Elok

Started in 2014, PT Mitra Buana Elok, the main distributor of Beyond Beauty products in Jakarta, is one of the newest entrants in beauty business in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company sells cosmetics with the Beyond brand name (originally from South Korea). PT Mitra Buana Elok, or also known as MBE, was established in February, 2014, and they are the exclusive distributors of Beyond Beauty.

Sheila Lesmana, The General Manager, PT Mitra Buana Elok says that, “The founder also has other companies in different ventures (textile manufacturing, agriculture, etc).” Currently, the retailer has seven stores in various areas (such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, etc); and next year, they plan to open another 10 branches.

Beyond Beauty prides itself on its Eco Values:

Sustainable growth
Recyclable packaging
Minimum chemical fragrances
No chemical colorants
Organic beauty products
An eco-beauty lab
Against animal testing

Business Challenges
The company’s General Manager Sheila said that they needed an effective solution to their business needs. It was important that all stock and sales data across all stores was noted accurately to enable them to coordinate efficiently.

Another issue that the company was facing was getting reports. The retail suite should have the capability to generate meaningful reports and offer analytics for the management. Beyond Beauty was looking for retail process automation; and more than that, ease of operations, where they could concentrate more on increasing sales rather than managing it. The other main challenge in the beauty business was that the retailer needed a way to connect to their customers to put across their promotions. Hence, the need for iVend Loyalty and iVend Passes, which is integrated into the main retail suite to offer end-to-end retail management.

The Solution
iVend Retail, iVend Loyalty and iVend Passes with SAP Business One
iVend Retail with SAP Business One satisfied the Company's need of an unified solution that leverages all customer touch-points and connects the entire retail operation with an objective to engage with customers and serve them better.

To fulfill their long-term growth strategy, PT Mitra Buana Elok decided to have a single, unified solution to support business processes across the retail chain. Lesmana anticipates that the iVend Retail with SAP Business One implementation at MBE would showcase dramatic efficiency improvements throughout the company.

The Retail Stores are able to access accurate inventory, configure new promotions to inspire customers, create new pricing strategies, extend and manage supply chains. In addition, they have integrated operations and can scale or expand new stores into their existing operational and organizational frameworks easily. The Company's warehouses and stores are connected to the same back-end server and iVend's failsafe integration with SAP Business One keeps the Head Office always connected with the store operations.

The seamless integration between iVend Retail and SAP Business One made the solution set a natural choice for PT Mitra Buana Elok. The Management at customer’s end have observed an improvement in overall processes as the new solution has been adopted well by the retail workforce.

Business Benefits

An easy-to-use solution that is eminently scalable to accommodate future growth
Integrated and unified system - fits into their SAP Business One infrastructure
Enhanced data accuracy and synchronized visibility across stores
Supports discounts & promotions like gift certificates, gift cards, discounts, etc. via iVend Loyalty and iVend Passes
The operations and process efficiencies have been noticeable in last six months after implementing iVend Retail, Loyalty, Passes with SAP Business One. The retailer's Management has appreciated the way the system has been integrated into their system, greatly increasing efficiency to sales functions, loyalty schemes and customer connection.

The client PT Mitra Buana Elok also was enthusiastic about enrolling into a referral program where CitiXsys offers incentives to existing customers for referring CitiXsys to organizations known to the client.

The post-production support handled by SOLTIUS has been more than acceptable to MBE Group. Currently, they report that the system installed has been stable across all platforms and situations. Since the parent company is already invested in SAP, it was the logical choice to use a local partner like SOLTIUS Indonesia and create synergy between companies for financial records, inventories and the like.

Choosing PT SOLTIUS Indonesia
SOLTIUS team worked closely with the team from PT Mitra Buana Elok. The project was professionally managed and all stages of the project completed as per schedule. The successful implementation of iVend Retail and SAP Business One at Beyond Beauty has been a trend-setter of late.

Trading & Distribution


  • Disintegrated retail operations
  • Time-consuming reporting processes
  • Manual operations and process management
  • No loyalty solution integrated for customer retention


  • iVend Retail, iVend Loyalty and iVend Passes with
  • SAP Business One


  • Reliable functionality and easy-to-use interface
  • Integrated Data Management
  • Faster decision-making process
  • On-time data and report availability
  • Better understanding of customer buying preferences
  • Improved analysis and control
  • Efficient accounting and finance
  • Help stay connected with customers via iVend Passes
  • Integrated Loyalty for reward management


A Unified System Across the Retail Chain