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Putra Gemilang Prima

Arya Iwan Putra

Putra Gemilang Prima

PT Putra Gemilang Prima (PGP) follows the success recipe of big retailers companies by using the iVend Retail integrated with SAP Business One. Now, the company is growing fast, thanks to sharp business analysis provided by SAP Business One.

There are just a few modern retail selling building materials in Indonesia that consider customer’s comfort as its main selling point. The company is the pioneer of hardware store outside Java with more than 38 years’ experience in the business and aims to be the top player in the industry.

Established in 1975 in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Gemilang’s outlets always stands out among the competitor and gets positive feedback from the customer.

We are ready to implement our vision with proven ERP and POS
Arya Iwanputra, owner of PGP, said that IT is crucial in his company. With reliable IT system, automated business process would minimize human error.

Strategic business decisions are taken with the analysis generated by the IT system. Previously, the company developed an Enterprise Resource Planning to handle purchasing, inventory, and financial report. However, the system is unable to match with the company rapid growth. “It cannot accommodate our growth, if we need a report it has to be manually typed in Excel and reprocessed” said Arya.

Meanwhile, the necessity to produce fast and efficient business analysis was inevitable. Based on the experience, in 2013 PGP decided to adopt a new IT system to meet with the needs.

The company did a research on several solutions and system implementer. The company then decided to use iVend and SAP Business One. “Long before implementing the system, we did several meetings with some users. We ask them about their problem with their old system,” said Arya.

iVend Retail is a retail management solution by CitiXSys. The iVend has the architecture and features that enable it to be integrated with any ERP. Making the iVend a reliable retail solution that has been used by thousand retailers in more than 45 countries.

The iVend architecture has Point of Sales (POS) solution called iVend Retail. And iVend Customer Loyalty is able to deal with various Customer loyalty program. The other integrated modules are iVend eCommerce, iVend Mobile, iPasses and iVend Analytics, makes iVend Retail Suites the best choice for retail company of every size and types.

“But the most important thing for me is its functionality and the easiness of the interface,” said Arya.

At Gemilang, iVend is integrated with SAP Business One, which makes many tasks in the company completed as expected. Six months after implementing iVend Ritel, iLoyalty and SAP Business One, Arya saw many improvements in the company. “Back then if I need margin report, we have to look for the data and reprocessed again before it is ready, now it’s a click away and the data showed up. From data’s availability it is now far better than the old software,” said Arya

Efficiency also comes on reporting (data analysis). It took 1-2 days to get a report using the previous system but now with iVend and SAP Business One, data analysis instantly appears.

Another improvement is on the fax and credit card payment that previously need a separate module. Thus, user have to open two new windows to input data. “Now with iVend it is more integrated, we have it all in one window,” said Arya.

Choosing SOLTIUS
All PGP’s business lines were willing to change its system. This brings certain advantages to the company because all of the company’s business line affected by the changes gave full support and commitment.

It is also one of the main factors that contributed to the success of the company in implementing iVend and SAP Business One on time to the schedule.

Other significant factor is the implementation partner. The company chose PT SOLTIUS Indonesia (SOLTIUS) that partner with other Metrodata Group subsidiary, PT Mitra Integrasi Informatika. SOLTIUS is known to be CitiXsys strategic partner and SAP Business One implementer in many famous companies in Indonesia.

Arya said “it was a right decision”. SOLTIUS is able to work with the team from PGP. The stages are done according to schedule. “It took about four months, according to the schedule,” said Arya.

There were 12 users in PGP that will deal with the new system, all were placed at the main office. They give full support and adjust Standard Operating Procedures.

“After sales service is one of our main criteria in choosing a vendor. After sales and the consultant reputation are very important. We want the vendor to be the one with good experience so that the implementation would go smoothly,” said Arya.

Later, SOLTIUS is able to prove it all with consistently good and active support. “If we asked something, they immediately answered,” said Arya.

The success story on the implementation of iVend and SAP Business One in the company’s main office becomes a standard for PGP. In the future, when opening a new branch in other places, iVend and SAP Business One will also be implemented to support the business. Now, the same solution has also been adopted in Gemilang Surya Perkasa, Gemilang Group’s expansion in Palangkaraya.

Solutions developed in Gemilang Group includes sales with delivery, sales with various discount and promotion program, sales with various types of payment option (cash, debit or credit card), sales for cat tinting, supply monitoring and profitability analysis, and reward point for customer.

Now, with a reliable system, Arya is sure that PGP will reach its vision to become the number one building material retail company in Indonesia.

Trading & Distribution


  • Disintegrated application
  • Reporting process that takes time
  • Some tasks are done manually


  • The company chooses ERP SAP Business One and iVend to integrate its entire information management. The ERP application includes: Finance, Sales, Purchasing, and Inventory. Meanwhile the iVend solution includes iVend POS and iVend Loyalty.


  • Reliable functionality and interface easiness
  • Integrated data
  • Faster decision making process
  • On-time data and report availability
  • Cut business process
  • Efficient accounting & finance
  • Improved analysis and control


Building Success Brick by Brick