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The Vertically-Integrated Value Chain: SAP Fashion Management Solution

The system is developed with a view to overcoming the industry challenges, SAP’s Fashion Management Solution (FMS) leverages advances in technology to deliver a solution enabling fashion brands to manufacture their products and sell them to retailers and consumers using one single solution. It is a tool that helps shorten the time from concept to customer, boost collaboration across the supply chain, and offer end-to-end visibility, flexibility, speed, and verticalization.

SAP FMS will empower brands with a consolidated global view of inventory across all stages of the value chain enabling them to make better decisions when responding to changes in consumer demand and to help you with:

  • Converging all active AFS processes and AFS categories onto the SAP ISRetail base to provide one ERP system
  • Harmonized manufacturing, wholesale and retail processes on a single backend system based on the SAP ISRetail solution
  • Designed to deliver highperformance, leveraging the power of SAP HANA® platform


By moving on to SAP FMS, fashion businesses will gain all the tools necessary to address this new omni-channel reality, by aligning supply and demand, and providing full transparency into its cross-channel inventory to support the customer journey across its sales channels. It will play an important role in helping you transform your business, by creating:

  • LIVE INVENTORY : Immediate inventory visibility across all channels including wholesale, retail, and e-commerce.
  • REALTIME ANALYTICS : Enterprise-wide data visibility and live analytics for better insight into customer demand across channels.
  • OMNICHANNEL FULFILLMENT : Real-time sales and inventory information for seamless omnichannel order execution and fulfillment.
  • INSTORE EXPERIENCE : Empowered store associates and store managers for better customer service and shop-floor operations.
  • CUSTOMER JOURNEY : A customer journey that connects closely with your customers' needs, backed by a single view of the customer.
  • END TO-END PROCESSES : Integrated wholesale and retail processes, from master data to merchandise management to point-of-sales (POS) connectivity. The new solution is designed to operate at the speed of the consumer by leveraging the powerful SAP HANA platform which allows real-time analysis to create offers to consumers while they shop in-store or online.

Discover S/4HANA Fashion with SOLTIUS and ATTUNE

To answer these challenges of the ever-changing Fashion Industry, SOLTIUS is partnering with ATTUNE, the co-innovation partner of SAP Fashion and close collaborator on the SAP S/4HANA Fashion product solution. SOLTIUS and ATTUNE will work together to bring our deep delivery capabilities and extensive knowledge in the SAP Fashion ecosystem to helps deliver an inside-view to the new solution.

Our KEY SERVICES for the SAP Fashion Management:

  • DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY and ROADMAP : We help Analyze business impact with a comprehensive assessment to align IT requirements with business objectives to develop a structured and well-defined action plan to transform your org­anization.
  • PROOF of CONCEPT (POC) DEVELOPMENT : Our proof of concepts are designed to help you to identify potential technical and logistical issues that might interfere with success of the solution.
  • PRECONFIGURED TEMPLATE : Accelerates implementation and reduces risk with preconfi­gured processes built on proven methodolog­ies, accumulated knowledg­e and experience in SAP Fashion implementations.
  • IMPLEMENTATION SERVICES : End-to-end implementations from developin­g Roadmaps to Project Manag­ement all the way from the planning phases to Go-Live and Post-Deployment.
  • APPLICATION MANAGED SERVICES : Protect your investment, identify new business opportunities, and maximize ROI with continuous support on your SAP FMS environment with 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting.

Why Us?

SOLTIUS has been recognized as the largest contributor to revenue for SAP in 2015 and 2017 as well as receiving numerous prestigious awards from SAP. We have a proven track record of successfully delivering reliable SAP solutions over the years to various clients across multiple industries. We combine our extensive experience, understanding of local market as well as a thorough understanding of your business needs to deliver high-quality and affordable solutions that work. Whether you are a start-up or an established player, SOLTIUS is your implementation partner of choice.

ATTUNE is the only partner in ­e SAP eco-system wi­th a dedicated focus on ­the Fashion & Lifestyle industry. Deep partnership with SAP, with extensive global knowledg­e and being­ involved in almost 70% of all current SAP Fashion projects with a clear understanding­ of fashion requirements, includin­g continuous feedback based on validation testin­g.

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