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Mill products companies are exposed to increased risk due to production overcapacity, broad variants of a single product, complex pricing, convoluted supply chain, increasing energy costs, commodity price volatility, and regulatory constraints.

Increased income and consumption in emerging markets present growth opportunities for mills products companies but raw material costs are increasing and prone to fluctuations, creating a competitive environment with risks of higher prices and lower margins. From managing risks, reducing overheads and expenditure, and complying with regulatory requirements, mills products companies continue to face a complex supply chain network. With SOLTIUS as your technology partner, your mills products company can work towards creating a responsive network that meets demands, manages supply chain risks, and responds in real-time – all at an affordable price. Staying relevant in the long run depends not only on low prices but also on a high level of customer satisfaction.


Take control of your business by using the SAP S/4HANA digital core that connects your enterprise processes and provides you with real-time information and insights.


SAP Business One
Manage every aspect of your small or midsize business through a single integrated business management solution using SAP Business One.


Sep 1, 2020
SAP Bussines One

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