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Content & Collaboration

Get a competitive advantage by securing & centrally managing your big data & big content with our Enterprise Information Management software strategy.

Maximize the potential of complete end to end digital information framework – This ECM solution covers everything from document and records management to information retrieval and collaboration. Connect your e-mails, presentation slides, documents, and other unstructured content to your core business processes.  

Companies deal with massive amounts of enterprise information. Managing and capitalizing on this information is the key to simpler workflows, better decisions, more deeply engaged customers, employees, and partners, and faster results in a digital culture. OpenText offers the digital content platform to manage and deliver unstructured content to SAP’s digital core, dynamically, in context and on any device. OpenText products enable Business Transformation.

Managing enormous volumes of data across multiple locations is cumbersome. The resulting complex and unreliable data can impact your decision-making capabilities, increase compliance risks, cause delays, and decrease customer satisfaction. Our Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions build efficient and flexible data management operations to capture, store, manage and consume information as a single source of truth. The objective is to generate and preserve information as a secure, easily accessible, accurate, and timely asset. 

With SOLTIUS as your technology partner, we not only help you to generate more data but we also help you identify the important facts and transform them into actionable insights.


Serrala - Data & Document Management

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